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  1. Fruitythebeetle

    Does anyone know what youkai are?

    Sorry for the random question here, don’t see many furries with a interest in Japanese culture that isn’t just anime. Hell some folks think Japanese culture is all anime when’s it’s really not. East Asian culture has been something I found a lot of interest in especially now a days. I made my...
  2. Niku16

    Free Art: Free Raffle! (Japanese themed YCH)

    I’m holding a free YCH raffle over at FA to celebrate reaching 100 watchers~ please check this link out if you’re interested ^^ www.furaffinity.net: 100 watcher giveaway <3 by nikuchouji
  3. C


  4. Yoon

    #JapaneseDemonCoyote ~

    My first attempt to make an anthro one ~ Hope you like it! <3 What is allowed to offer: MONEY POINTS NOTHING LESS THEN $15! You can see more details here: adop-dop-dop.deviantart.com: #OTA AnthroDemonAdopt [OPEN]. ALL THAT YOU BUY IS MEDICINE FOR ME! EVERY CENT IS IMPORTANT! THANK YOU!
  5. Erhena

    It is my... art ♫ (Thanks for the music Bones Jaw'ies )

    Hi Every one ! I'm hope you are okay :D ! So i created this tread to show you my works and to have some advices ! So this is some work with my Neya (white wolf half demon and angel) ,my Elie (my steampunk wolf ) ! and Lucius (grey fox and poxy's OC) Lucius and Neya - Japanese estampe Elie...
  6. vanjavanja

    hello lets be friends

    im a bit new to FA, im hoping to meet people with similar interests to be friends with : ' ^ ) i really like drawing and makin new characters and stuff, but im sure thats a pretty common interest around here B^) im also interested in japanese language and culture, so if anyone speaks the...