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  1. F

    SELLING Maned Wolf Fursuit (Head + Tail) - $200

    Hello. I bought this fursuit from a maker named North a number of years ago to go to a convention in Denver. I wore it to the convention and sporadically for photos, but I'd like to pass it on to someone who will make greater use of it. The species is a bit ambiguous, originally made as a "maned...
  2. Bluefiremark II

    Request: Friends character

    Ferret like figure, standing on its hind legs, is black and dark grey in body coloration, has mouths that can open up on any part of its body, it's eyes glow ghostly green and the open mouths on its body glow ghostly green also, its tail has a mouth on it as well, all mouths have sharp teeth...
  3. sanssoucistudios

    Moving jaw test

    www.sanssoucistudios.com: resin head moving jaw test Posted a short little blurb on my blog showing the moving jaw on my resin head (sculpted, molded and cast by myself, yay!) as modelled by my poor long suffering husband. I'm kinda pleased with how it's coming out. :-) Thanks for looking!
  4. Lisyonok_Fox33

    Just need some quick help

    I'm a beginner artist and I just need some help drawing a quick sketch of a Fox ,or any canine, in a front view face position with a "surprised" expression ( one where the mouth goes into a small circle ). I don't know how the perspective/fore-shorting would like involving the jaw and mouth. Can...