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  1. HarpyFeather

    Job Resumes, and Interviews, whats the best possible advice you could give?

    I've been looking for a more stable job, and to do that resumes and interviews are all a part of it. However, I never had someone older than me to sort of guide me through the process of it with actually good advice. I have had...advice, but it's the kind you get from someone who's never...
  2. Y

    commissions are open

    I paint for a fee. 1 hour of work $ 18. Write to me if you are interested in how it will be. The speed of creating an illustration is 2-3 hours per character. The term of creation is according to the schedule, at the agreed hour and day. Digital view. No refunds are possible after the...
  3. D

    Welcome to Paleolithic Camp

    What jobs do you see yourself doing?
  4. J

    Online Conduct and Employment

    I've always been told that employers are very strict about what their employees say/do online, and I've done my best to remain fairly PG (hell, I don't even swear that much online). However, few others seem to do the same. Short of saying/doing anything massively offensive, you seem to be fine...
  5. Niru the Husky

    Tell me something about your daily routine

    Tell me something about your daily routine please OwO Is it completely different every day ? Is it complex or isn't it varied ? Is it boring or must you be mostly active ? What are you doing everyday ? Maybe write down some extra hobbies. Just anything what you would like to tell [English...
  6. Lei-Lani

    [PAID] "The Depths" webcomic is seeking a pencil artist!

    The art efforts so far for the adult furry comic "The Depths" have been incredible, but I can't keep putting all this work on ONE artist. Penciling, sketching, colors, effects, in one week is VERY hard to ask one artist to do EVERY week. =( We need help. We need a really good pencil artist...
  7. C

    If your fursona lived in a sci-fi universe what kind of job would it have?

    Pretty straight forward question. What kind of job would your sona have in a sci-fi setting? If your sona already lives in one you can still participate and tell us all about it. I personally would love to either be a member of some kind of crime syndicate or be a racer in some FZero-like...
  8. 1

    What's your 'sona's job/profession?

    Or more simply what do they do in general? Mine beats people up
  9. GrayBlueStudios

    Looking for Regular Comic Writers & Artist

    Greetings, We are a two-man team that is trying to build momentum and a brand for our kink filled content. GB Studios is looking for comic writers and artists. Would you like to write comics and get paid for it? Well, guess what: YOU CAN! Attached below is a link to download a rundown and...
  10. S

    Digital Artist Wanted

    Digital Artist wanted for long-term partnership producing NSFW CG Collections and/or hentai doujins for DLSite to accompany scripts. Can't promise immediate payment, but am willing to split all profits 50/50. If interested, please send a PM, preferably with a link to some of your work, so we can...
  11. Skychickens

    Rant thread solved

    EDIT: Long story short: This was a disaster but it all worked out in the end. If you're curious, send me a note we can chat. Turns out, I didn't know my wife had managed to get a savings set up and I ended up putting in two weeks. It may get a little rough for awhile but at least I have a...
  12. AustinB

    Do you like your job?

    If so, explain why you like/hate your job.
  13. Wollymon

    The furry above you got promoted for doing what?

    Congratulations, you are now employee of the month! finally did something good with my life...
  14. Hetnensilverfox

    Advice on work

    I'm torn on what to do regarding my job. I've always had great longevity and success at previous jobs. (5 years at one, then 11 years at another before moving across the country). After moving, I started working for one company for a few months, then quit and started work at this dealership...
  15. Max User

    Volunteer job application for any gay furry YIFF artists in need

    Greetings! My name is Max. So recently I've been looking into a volunteer job just for the fun and experience and being able to work with great artists. I will work for free at any time of the day when applicable. The reason why i want to volunteer is to pass the time, learn things from others...