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  1. HarpyFeather

    Job Resumes, and Interviews, whats the best possible advice you could give?

    I've been looking for a more stable job, and to do that resumes and interviews are all a part of it. However, I never had someone older than me to sort of guide me through the process of it with actually good advice. I have had...advice, but it's the kind you get from someone who's never...
  2. Ghostbird

    What do you do?

    What's your job? I'm a vet tech.
  3. Skychickens

    Fursona jobs and hobbies?

    Oh I was just thinking about how many sonas are out there. Sometimes they are really close to their person, and sometimes...they aren’t. Like my sona isn’t an artist at all. They’re a necromancer who spends all their free time experimenting and studying magic. Their job is mostly to guide...
  4. Aaron U Pictus

    Who lives where and why?

    So I thought I'd get a better scope of meeting everyone on this forum. So far all you furs have been a delight to meet and I'd like to continue doing so ^-^ So I was interested to hear where most of you reside around the world and what kind of work you do? For me I am a South African Web...
  5. Angellothefox

    Out of curiousity how many of you have jobs?

    Out of curiosity how many people have jobs? Am I interested? If you do then how often do you do them? in the weak? Do you work Weekends? All day including the weekend or just for a few days? They is a poll linked with this question. So if you do have a career what sort of career do you...
  6. n1ghtmar3w0lf

    open for business

    as the title says i am ready for some work, all art pieces done by me start at $5 and go up from there depending on how big or elaborate you want, whatever kind of picture you want I can do it,fursona pic, sketch, ,fan art and so on just message me and ask . I do accept pay pal ,the easiest...
  7. misfitreindeer

    Looking to hire artists for merchandise.

    I run Hyena Underground, a company that partners with artists to product bottle openers, buttons, and (soon) stickers to raise money for charities. We promise that 20% of the sales price of every product sold goes to charity, and the artists receive 20% of the sales price as well. We typically...
  8. Elohiim_Koshiiri

    Whats your Job Title/what do you do?

    Medical Attendant here. I get to throw pills at patients and get bitched at every day for not being able too cure them of their disease. It gets old quick.....but when you think about it, they don't really have much time on this earth left...... so I just let them abuse the hell out of...