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  1. R

    Make up a joke about the user above you!

    There's nobody above me, so... How do I know @RamblingRenegade isn't into scat? Because that's horseshit!
  2. Bluefiremark II

    Go ahead... ask me anything.

    See how i respond.. Jokes aside.. ask me anything, can be random can be quotes can be serious, whatever~. It can even be about a specific character of mine rather than me irl.
  3. Rap Daniel

    Joke conspiracies

    Jango Fett created Minecraft. Just look at this! Mojang > ojang > Jango He didn't sell Minecraft to Microsoft, he gave it to them in his will when Mace Windu killed him!
  4. Rap Daniel


    King Ezekiel: *and yet I smile speech* Me: *gets grounded from video games* *proceeds to cry in my room*
  5. S

    Humor thread

    All our joke threads keep ending up dead so here's a new one
  6. Okamio

    Funny business.

    In life we suffer many trials, hardships, yet we push through, and it’s why we reach out to others in the community when things get too ruff. For me, though, I personally find humor in life makes it easier to deal with. So let’s have some fun? Got a joke? A video, pic, or gif? Got some...
  7. ScottBunny

    The Adventures of Scottbunny and Erisaurus

    Hey all! I wanted to share with you our webcomic: The Adventures of Scottbunny and Erisaurus. It is a comic based (mostly) off of the shenanignas that entertainers Scott and Eris get into on the convention circuit. We have been traveling the country entertaining the masses, and finally decided...
  8. SweetLemonDragon

    Tell a joke!

    I'd love to hear some jokes and get a good laugh tonight, regular jokes, furry jokes, fantasy jokes, lay it on me! :) I'll share one too, one of my favorite fantasy themed ones~: Two dwarves were hunting in the woods with their crossbows. Suddenly a beautiful, naked female elf leaps from the...
  9. Kioskask

    Got any good jokes?

    Me being me, I probably put this in the wrong place, but as the title says, got any jokes?