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  1. TCthebird

    Main Site Adding Sheep to Species

    Heyo, this has been a long ongoing request over the years, and its been asked a bit and kinda discussed? But please, can we pretty please add Sheep to the species list? I'm not even asking Sheep and Ram, just Sheep please? We have Cows & Bovines Antelopes, Cows, Gazelle, Goat, Bovines(General) ...
  2. M

    Optional Filter?

    Edit 1: Misspelling Hi, I am user M7Fire from Furaffinity.net and I was inquiring about gaining other site users perspective on why an optional is or is not a good idea for the website? Here is my thoughts on the matter and remember this is only my opinion, not what the overall audience...
  3. M

    Bug/Site Problem: Journal Issue? (disabling comments)

    Disabling comments isn't working for me anymore, is it me? lol