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  1. SaintAjax

    Looking for admin feedback on a technical site journal

    Hello, I've been seeing lately where a lot of people have had issues using the search, more so as people start to come back as twitter implodes, so I decided to write a quick how-to on how to use it. But, I wanted to run it by someone who knows how the backend functions are actually designed...
  2. P

    Main Site What happens to your comments when you delete your account?

    This includes comments made on artwork, journals, and other people's pages. I haven't found any posts on this that are recent so thought I'd ask again. Do they get removed from the site entirely, stay on the site but have the username show as something like "[deleted account]", still show as...
  3. N

    Journal Edits

    Was curious if there was any way of seeing past versions of Journals, since some users use those as a place to put their Terms of Service, and having the power to change or edit those at their discretion could lead to problems.
  4. DatDraggy

    Furaffinity Journal Alert [Telegram/E-Mail]

    famonitor.com Many artists announce their commission openings via their journals. Because I'm too lazy to check if there is a new journal on a rather popular artists page every 5 minutes I created famonitor.com / @famonitor_bot The service is free to use for everyone and works via E-Mail and...
  5. liooil

    Cusomized Journals

    What are your tips for customization? How do you guys get them so cool looking?? here's an example: Userpage of AcidaPluvia -- Fur Affinity [dot] net also feel free to show off what you got!
  6. M

    Bug/Site Problem: Journal Issue? (disabling comments)

    Disabling comments isn't working for me anymore, is it me? lol
  7. Mikhowl

    Disable User Submissions from New Submissions

    I've been thinking it would be an awesome new feature if I could choose which users' submissions I want to see on my New Submissions page. After watching/befriending a lot of users, I'm finding it difficult to find artwork that I really like on my new submissions page, which causes me to often...