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  1. The-Greatest-Mystery

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: June Charity Adopts [2/3 OPEN] SB: $20

    Adoptables 2 + 3 are still open to offers. Minimum Offer: $20: Bought as is (full species perms, for commercial use, + png. File) A Tier: $30: I'll colour the sketch with digital flats, you choose the palette (you get to keep the psd. file. (Bucket-fill friendly, each colour on it's own layer))...
  2. ThePokeFan

    Pokémon Rain Boots Festival art event

    Running my first art event called the Pokémon Rain Boots Festival to celebrate the rainy season of June and was wondering if anyone on here would be intrested in joining. The event lasts all month long so you'll have plenty of time to do your drawings. Rules are in this tweet:
  3. Vermilion


    Everything in my etsy shop if now 50% for a limited time. Here's the code!! www.etsy.com: Making dreams into reality by PanShop It includes a la carte item, deal packages, and media arts!