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just for fun

  1. KitsuneMaster20

    CanisChiroptera's Ultimate Extended Real Animal/Anthro Generator

    Title(s): Canon/Story: Name: Species: Age: Height: Weight: Walking: Blood Type: Birth Date: Personality: Occupation/interest: Birthplace: Current Home Location: Clothes: Clothes Accessories: Hairstyle: Theme: Special Tropes Detailed Back-story: Trivia: Feel free to use this...
  2. Bluekittie

    anyone want to design a manokit for me?

    I Believe its free open species. Just curious with what you guys can come up with. Colors i like are blues, greens, cyan, white ,and black. main faves are blues though.
  3. Nihles

    Skunk appreciation thread/Happy Birthday, Sweet Simo!

    It's the most mischievous Skunk's birthday today, so if @Simo has ever made you laugh, feel welcome, or cheered you up make sure you let him know! And don't forget to give him a spanking or tickling in revenge! *Tickles AND spanks @Simo because he's worth double effort*
  4. Le Chat Nécro

    What's your Sparkle-sona?

    Sparkledogs. Mary-Sues. Edgelords and Cringe Characters. We all know about them. We all love to hate them. And we've all probably had one at one point or another. So, I say let's embrace our bad decisions, dig deep into our teenage angst phases, and share our Sparkle-sona's with each other...
  5. E

    Furry Pet Peeves

    Because everyone likes complaining! This is a thread to post all your pet peeves about the furry fandom, furry designs, furry sites, really anything furry related. I'll get us started- Fursona's that have "tattoos". I know you want that sweet ass marking on your 'sona, but that is not how...
  6. C


    (text below was copied from my F-list, so if it looks a bit messed up. html stuff, yknow? i apologize hehe ) I am "Smokey" 25 years old. i have recently gotten out of an employment contract and i am now advertizing myself to find new employment. i am now willing to accept mercenary work aswell...