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  1. fenchfletcher

    Request: Wanna draw my characters?

    I have several characters, and some of them have no art yet. I'm looking for both sfw and nsfw. I really like vore, but I'm not too picky. If you want to make nsfw art, please ask me about nsfw specifics, since I don't have those details listed in my character descriptions. I have all sorts of...
  2. BrunoMax895

    Hiring: Asking for Comic Commission ($25-$50)

    Hello there. I was wondering if there was someone that could work with me to make a mini comic involving a couple of characters that I had made up. Basically, I had someone design a couple of characters for me. This is Hector the rat. He's basically a thief with a pet golden cobra named...
  3. Evok Studios

    My last commission <3 I love this girl!

    I loved drawing and painting this fursona. The owner says that the breed is called forzenta:oops:. It's so cool <3 :D
  4. Jacob Bender

    the Bouncing Kangaroo's Hangout by DJ Jumpsta the kangaroo and his human

    Human dj Jumpsta:Hey guys! Dj Jumpsta the kangaroo+outback Jumpsta: G'day Mates! You may remember when we asked a lot of you furries if you like to bounce for fun, transport or both. forums.furaffinity.net: Think like a kangaroo! Can your fur sona bounce and jump around? But now it is the...
  5. Jacob Bender

    Today is me and my kangaroo fursona's birthday!

    Hey dudes! DJ Jumpsta the kangaroo: G'day mates! ITS OUR BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!! Dj Jumpsta: We turning a BLOOMIN 19 years old up in this! We would like to request a few things that follow this criteria. A furry that you like (that bounces) My fursona bouncing with said fursona A kangaroo My kangaroo...
  6. Inklop Bunny

    (Base/YCH) Selling: M & F Kangaroo bases $10 each

    Male & Female Kangaroo bases, $10 USD each! Each set contains Front & Back views: Toon & Clawed versions; footpad closeup; hair & neckerchief extras. Full details provided in the FA submission.
  7. Jacob Bender

    The newest member of DJJUMPSTA77:Outback Jumpsta

    Hey guys, Jacob of DJJumpsta77 here. If you follow the User Sorcerermickey911 like me, you may know his fursona outback. Sadly SorcererMickey911 ran outta money to raise this kangaroo, but luckily, I was able to adopt him and give Jake Jumpsta a brother from another user. You may remember...
  8. F

    Request: Kangaroo Fursona

    Would anyone be interested in drawing my boyfriend some art of his first fursona? He recently got his 1st commission finished, so now he has a good reference. www.furaffinity.net: Darkwiitch Commission (Boyfriend's Fursona) by TheCanineLife
  9. Jacob Bender

    Request: My fursona's Halloween Costume: Become Half human and half kangaroo DEADLINE: October 30-31

    Hey guys! As halloween comes up, my fursona DJ Jumpsta and I decided on the ultimate halloween costume. Can someone Draw 1/2 of me and 1/2 of jumpsta fused together? In other words one half of my body from head to toe for either the left or right side of the body is human and the other half is...
  10. Jacob Bender


  11. Jacob Bender

    Request: Two kangaroos bouncing on hopper balls? Seems Legit...

    Can anyone PLEASE draw my fursona dj jumpsta and animagusurreal's oc "Jumpin'" Jake Roolan bouncing on giant hopper balls that have a basketball design on them? for the balls design www.furaffinity.net: Muscle male basketball kangaroo by animagusurreal for Jumping Jake roolan...
  12. Jacob Bender

    Request: Dj jumpsta bouncing!

    Hey Id like someone to please draw my fursona Dj jumpsta bouncing. Here’s a reference image: and here’s his bio: Name: Jake Jumpsta/ Dj Jumpsta Species: Kangaroo. Birthday: Let’s just say we share the same birthday. Personality: bouncy (duh!) fun with kids and adults and teens and the pretty...
  13. Jacob Bender

    KANGAROO KOMMUNICATION! Come chat kangaroos of FA and FA Forums!

    g’day blokes and Sheila’s ! Dj jumpsta And dj launchpad here! I started this thread for all of the kangaroos of fur affinity and FA forums to come and communicate with me! But first allow me to introduce myself fully My own fur sona is complete! Here’s full info about my fursona: Name: Jake...
  14. Jacob Bender

    1/2 meet/ 1/2 request to redraw

    hi guys! DJLaunchpad22 here again. I’d like you to all meet my new fursona, dj jumpsta! He loves hopping high through the sky like a normal kangaroo and also loves using hopper balls to hop as shown here (which he can hop just as high or higher on) He also is the friendliest kangaroo you will...
  15. Jacob Bender

    Request: Can someone please make my kangaroo fursona?

    Hi guys, Its DJLaunchpad 22 here, Is there anyone willing to make my Kangaroo fursona, DJ Jumpsta? Heres the full info can you draw me as a kangaroo with dj headphones on my neck and also have him bounce on a space hopper like this: www.furaffinity.net: Come Bounce with me! by DJLAUNCHPAD22...
  16. F

    Hiring: [CLOSED!!!] Looking for artist to draw Kangaroo character ~Full body~

    Serious offers only! (I’ve had artists say they would draw for me and then go totally silent while ignoring my messages) My boyfriend is looking to get a nice full body piece of his first fursona and is hoping one of you talented artists could draw his kangaroo character from this concept...
  17. L

    Beefy bull boi is back

  18. S

    Raptor-roo back in action... sort of.

    Hey folks. So I decided to get off my comfort zone of just Guild Wars 2 and weapon designs all day, and update my sona a bit... or a lot, lol. I loved both my raptor-roo and minotaur sonas so much, I kept getting indecisive between the two. I also really like the idea of having a snake for a...
  19. SlyRiolu


    I've noticed a few things while having a kangaroo as my fursona one, we will usually go for natural colors, two, we have AMAZING taste in species and three, some people just have ears that are different from the original. You have me with these ears, you have Pocari, you have Kenga from Winnie...
  20. W

    Guardians of The Animal Kingdom on Patreon

    hi guys . Im creating neat comics on Patreon about anthro animals with super powers hahaha. Its not your typical superhero comic I assure you ! It would be nice if you guys took a look at the comic. Ive put a lot of thought into the story . So enjoy xD Jonathan Chimney is creating Guardians...