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kemono fursuit

  1. PrincessKon

    Kemono fursuit makers

    Hi everyone! I was wondering what makers are out there that make Kemono suits. The best example I can give of what I'd like is in the style of Eclair and Chiharu from TashiroYu on furafinity. I like the flat-ish faces along with the wigs! I don't have enough money now but I want to save up for...
  2. deep_fried_dog

    Kemono Fursuiters

    Hey! I'm looking for a fursuit maker that makes kemono fursuits. It only needs to be a partial one (paws, feet and head). The price isn't really too important, since I'd rather see the suggestions than not :> Other details (which are just preferences): bean paws (flat paws) straight low-padded...