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  1. R

    Sketchbook: Hello! please check out my art!

    Hello! I am a 16 year old artist who makes kemono art and fursuit. I live in Japan. Thank you for looking! I love meeting new people. sadly where i live there are not any other furry, so i came here to meet new people! I'm happy to be here! I also haven furaffinity as well! (I am sorry but i am...
  2. U

    Hiring: [CLOSED] Kemono fursona design (less than 70$ / 65€)

    I'm looking for an artist to design a female KEMONO fursona in bright / sunny / yelowish collors. More details in private message. I prefer artist accepting payment via SEPA or at least IBAN bank account. PayPal is also possible but less prefered. NO Cheques or cryptocurencies.
  3. Janie

    Hello! Let me Introduce who I am!

    My name is Janie and this is my Furffinity : Userpage of Janie7 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I have to say I am not new but I never have introduce myself before so here I go! I am French-Canadian from Québec and I am in the fandom since 2014. I am a Digital artist who is inspired by my own culture...
  4. Ginseng

    Which kind of art would you prefer? Furry art or Kemono art?

    Furry art are western styled Kemono art are Eastern styled
  5. pinkadoodle


    haha so uhh... i found out cps's discount sale is closing in 4 days... sad... ill still get it anyway. ❤❤❤ if i dont reply quickly. its because im not active on fa!! you can message me on instagram or da where im most active!! also sorry if the prices seem weird or jumpy. im bad at pricing...
  6. S

    ♡Limited Time, Cutesy colored full bodies for $5 //Kemono,Chibi♡

    ‍Hello! I'm offering my art for less than what I plan to eventually, so help a girl out! ;^) $5 Fullbodies, flat colored & lined. Can do anthro, human, animal. Will be drawn in a Kemono/chibi cute style like my examples. Extra characters are discount! Art Choices: Fullbody with lineart & flat...
  7. WhimsyVonGrimm

    Commissions Open starting at 10usd

    All commission slots are open with quick turn around :> comment or PM to claim a spot!
  8. NekoPawMoon95

    Housamo fan character commsion

    Hi there. I'm looking for an artist who can make an Tokyo Afterschool Summoners based fan character, or specifically an OC done as an Housamo character, whatever it makes sense for you. Here are the details of the character. Does seem to be not finished, but I will update if needed or I have...
  9. KipperDed

    Reference sheet

    Hello there, I want to commission someone to make a reference sheet for my character. I don't have any art of it but I will provide images that are similar looking to what I want. I do want it to be kemono style. My character is a gray fox and I want the color scheme to be similar to the real...
  10. deep_fried_dog

    Kemono Fursuiters

    Hey! I'm looking for a fursuit maker that makes kemono fursuits. It only needs to be a partial one (paws, feet and head). The price isn't really too important, since I'd rather see the suggestions than not :> Other details (which are just preferences): bean paws (flat paws) straight low-padded...
  11. tfotr

    High quality Kemono commissions open!

    Wanted to try my hand at commissions here! Monochrome Sketch Bust: $ 20 Waistup: $30 Fullbody: $60 Celllshade Bust: $30 Chibi: $30 Waistup: $50 Fullbody: $80 Softshade Bust: $50 Waistup: $70 Fullbody: $100 Reference Sheet Flats: $50-$100 Shaded: +$20...
  12. Shuuzo

    OPEN ✦ Chi's Comms ✦ SFW Human & Furry

    *+:。.。♫ CHI'S COMMISSIONS ♫。.。:+* I have 3 slots open + a waitlist queue. Comm queue: ❤ (updated regularly) Turnaround: I will generally finish within 2-3 weeks, depending on the queue Payment: Paypal invoice only! Prices are in USD. Examples & ToS: galaxysodas.weebly.com: Galaxy Sodas...
  13. neku-neku

    Bearers (ych)

    I'm making my 4th and last ych for quite some time Go here for complete information and to do the bidding. www.furaffinity.net: bearers (YCH auction) by neku-neku Price Starting bid:$20 Minimal bid increase:$5 Autobuy:$35
  14. WhimsyVonGrimm

    New Price Sheet!

    Gave my price sheet a well-deserved update with girly pink things haha commissions are fully open y'all.
  15. Star-Shade

    Third and fourth head needing critique please

    I am a relatively new fursuit maker and after creating a mother mold for my Kemono heads, I am wondering where I could improve or possibly change. I am very much wanting to make a career of this, so any advice would be appreciated.
  16. R

    3D Printing Kemono Style Head

    Hey! I get very hot very easily so I thought for making my first fursuit it would be good (other than making a partial) to make a head with a 3D printed base full of ventilation holes. I've found some great open source files for fursuit heads, ( like this www.thingiverse.com: Fursuit- or...
  17. NekoPawMoon95

    Your opinions on those furry mascot characters...

    I'm not sure if this topic legitimate to post here, but for moderators feel free to move this to somewhere else. I wanted to see if the furry fandom have any interest in these characters. I'm considering getting at least a plush from the theme park. Even through I'm not currently living in...
  18. crafts_creations

    Hi there! Nice to E-Meet you!

    Hi Everybody first let me introduce myself, my name is Chantal, I am a mom of 3 kids and married live in the south of the Netherlands. (sorry for the bad english, it is not my mother tongue :) I have always been a big fan of animals / Cartoons and have always cosplayed and love to protray a...
  19. tfotr

    Commissions are Open!

    Currently open for commissions as I would like to build more clientele here. Monochrome Sketch Bust: $20 Waistup: $30 Fullbody: $60 Softshade Chibi: $50 Bust: $50 Waistup: $80 Fullbody: $150 Illustration $250 Reference Sheet $150 (will be shaded) Price is...
  20. TheRabbitFollower

    Looking for Custom Suit Makers for future projects!

    Link me your commission information on websites, multiple skill levels welcome! I'd like to keep my options open for my next suit commission. I'm especially interested if you are able to do any of the following: Toony Suits Expressive faces / magnetic eyelids. brows, or tongues Kemono suit...