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  1. J

    Buying Second Life Avatar Custom Textures

    Looking for custom texture work for the Kemono body, Paws Feline Head, Paws Big Ears, and [BI] Huge Bento Tail. I can provide the base textures for everything but the Kemono body if you don't already have them. This is mostly re-coloring work, I have a ref. sheet for what I want it to look...
  2. CountingBlackSheep

    Large kemomo Dakimakura YCH

    (not a body pillow just art) these are gonna be $70 a pop because these ones also have a back view ! i'm also considering doing NSFW for an extra fee ? And if you do want this on a real body pillow these are big enough to put on it
  3. S

    Help Me Drawing Kemono Art PLS.

    IDK how to draw kemono art so if someone could please help me with that i will be very grateful. Im looking on a specific kind of drawing, kemono dragon, some examples of this type of drawing (art its not mine): www.furaffinity.net: !!FINAL CHANGE!! by CottonCandyDragon www.furaffinity.net...
  4. schwa16

    kemono art style discussion//does my art look "kemono"?

    general questions: what do you like about kemono? do you try to draw kemono-style art; if yes then show it- who are your favourite kemono artists? i like Userpage of eppao -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Userpage of cotora -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Userpage of dragoon86 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net...
  5. schwa16

    Cute Kemono Style Commissions OPEN ($7-$16)

    COMMISSION PRICES (SFW) half body $7 + 1 extra half body character $4 full body $9 + 1 extra full body character $6 +$1 for more detailed character !max 3 characters per image! ART EXAMPLES SLOTS open open open READ BEFORE COMMISSIONING/TOS art style it may vary how i...
  6. K

    Kemono Fursuit Commissions!

    Just finished another commission so I've opened for one slot! A 30% deposit towards the commission is required to secure the slot. -Heads start at $900 usd shipping not included. Head will include lycra lining, a removable fan and battery pack, and discreet ventilation holes! Complicated...
  7. AnkokuFlare

    Paw Lick YCH

    Can be any animal, any gender, and nsfw is an option. At starting bid YCH will include high res image and flat colored sketch shading will be more elaborate pass $25 background can be thrown in pass $35. Feel free to ask any question on my discord via aflare #1932 Bid using the link below...
  8. magicstorm101

    Looking for Kemono style head makers!

    Ive been trying to find a maker who does or has style similar to the Kemono suit style. (I Im only looking for heads and really dont want to go over $550 for heads.) kemono is basically a sort of anime fursuit style with wide eyes, small muzzle, 'kawaii' looking basically. (The reference...
  9. G

    I Have Decided On A Suit Style

    I think a Kemono style fursuit would look best for my character, plus it's cute. I'm going for cute and cuddly. I've seen some with hair on the head so it would be possible to do my 'sona's hair. I'm not sure what type of eyes to get though. For the feet I'm thinking of doing digi paws. If you...
  10. obliviousally

    digital and traditional commissions available~ sketches, conbadges, ref sheets, etc~

    I'm open for just about anything currently! My queue is small at the moment and I'd like to get some side income going, so if there's something you're interested in, please inquire and we can chat!
  11. D

    Kemono Community

    Discuss Japanese furry artists. Is there some kind of community for English-speaking kemono fans, anyways?
  12. nyvok

    has anyone done a Fake syrup/Dipped fursona? Need tips!

    So sorry about the image quality, at the moment I do not have a scanner, so far for the suit I have part of the fur, all the foam and all other general stuff for her, I am buying all the stuff for the eyes, waiting arrival. The only bit I am having problems with is ideas to make the dipped...
  13. DCSharpe

    Open for Art Trades.

    Hi hi DC here! If anyone interested in a Art for Art trade i'm down~ I draw anime/kemono style art, so i'm not very good with drawing muscular guys. ;w; Here's a link to my FA: Userpage of dcsharpe -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (most of my art will be in crayon-kemono style) *to keep things organize...
  14. X

    Any other furry artists here studying Kemono style?

    Looking for furs to practice and grow with, but I strongly prefer people interested in Kemono/Cartoon styles [NSFW] When I say Kemono style, I mean Manga Furry style. Here are some users who, I think, either draw Kemono style or closely enough to Kemono style. [Warning - NSFW links!!] -...
  15. SilverRA

    Commission Open

    Hey, I'm open commission now. Only 2 slot. Example of my Work For information about my commission please see at my DA journal Here. If you interesting, please send me a note. ^^ Well, I'll try to always open. Thanks for your attention. ^^
  16. R

    KEMONO KIDS - $10 Adopts~

    Hello sweetpeas~ I've got six new cuties up for grabs. These are using a base created by the ever lovely Bitter Owl. Each adopt is $10 each. Your best bet would be to note me on the deviantArt listing for these babies, which you can find here <3 They are also listed for gold auction on...
  17. Tamara of Tammyland

    [OPEN] PAY WHAT YOU WANT painterly neon glow commissions!

    Im doing neon PAY WHAT YOU WANT bust and full body commissions! Some parts of the character will be glowing neon (e.g, tail, eyes [optional, you can decide that one], tail, etc). .Paypal only~ .£10 minimum .Payment must be made when i begin doing your commission (you'll be notified) Reply...
  18. Z

    Novel premise feedback.

    So I'm making a full-blown furry novel that I have very high hopes for, but the rough draft is almost done and I need some bugs to iron out, as well as some feedback from fellow furs. Starting with the premise. So here's the premise: It is the fifth millennium. Founded by a race of...