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  1. tohi_ta

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: [Set price $30-50] Sexy kemonomimi adoptables and Outfits [OPEN]

    ----- **[Set price - 30-50 USD]** *Upon purchase you'll get: - full-size .PNG/.JPEG file of the adoptable without watermarks - .PNG file without background - line-art ver. - other file ver. on request :3 ----- **[RULES]** *Payment: PayPal/Payoneer *No refunds after receiving files with the...
  2. RUMM

    (Commission) Selling: ($150+) RUMMs Reference Sheets [Open]

    All info is also in this link but for ease of use I copied everything below~ To-Do List: I keep everything here up to date and properly labelled https://trello.com/b/DzZHbbgb/commissions Pose Library: https://sta.sh/2xnvdtk2ne Body type changes are always available. While I can change body...
  3. yurirel

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) ☀️yurirel kemonomini, anime, and chibi commissions ($30-$100+)

    currently 4 slots! 1. open 2. open 3. open 4. open - i'd like to start this off by saying i am primarily an anime artist and i am unable to draw full furries- my apologies for this! i'd feel best drawing kemonomimi, light anthro, or humans until i get more experience- as long as the character...
  4. MyeAri

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: -OPEN- 100+ Adopt Promotional!! (Anthro/Furry/Kemonomimi..etc)

    -100+ Adopts Available, DA Points/Paypal Accepted -Prices: 2500-3000 DA Points/ 25-30 USD -Kemonomimis, Chibis, Anthros/Furries, Male, Female, Non Gender..etc.. ^w^ -Various Styles and Genres: Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec, Asian, Pastel..etc... -100% free to EDIT Name, Gender, Species, Personality...
  5. SHuuN-Arts

    (Commission) Selling: Various type of commission 10$+ (art and animation)

    for more information, example, and please visit https://shuun-home.carrd.co/
  6. Onegina_T

    (Commission) Selling: YCH kemonomimi/anthro collars & leashes theme (unlimited slots/open/from 10 USD)

    Why not take your furry/kemonomimi char on a walk the weather is nice... (not a free base do not trace) I can draw any species/gender/clothes/collar & leash design/facial expression and so on Rules --payment via Paypal (50% prepay) It would take about 7 working days to finish the art 10...
  7. Onegina_T

    (Base/YCH) Selling: furry m/m YCH waltz (OPEN/ unlimited slots/ set price) from 11 to 80 USD

    any hairstyle, any clothes, any colors, any facial expressions... any species apart from feline and canine PRICES 11 USD = colorless 13 USD = sketch with light colors 16 usd = black and white line-art 20 USD = flat colors 30 usd = colored with shadows and lights 35 usd = full color with shadows...
  8. echosillustrations

    (Commission) Selling: ~DIGITAL COMMISSIONS OPEN - NSFW/SFW - $5 - $50 USD ~

    ~~~COMMISSIONS - OPEN!~~~ ~HELLO!!~ ~And thank you for checking out my commissions~ ---------------- !Commission information! echosillustrations.carrd.co: Echo's Commissions Userpage of echosillustrations -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ---------------- Just message me if you are interested, I promise...
  9. yurirel

    (Commission) Selling: drawing cute girls and kemonomimi! ($15-$70)

    currently unlimited slots! - i'd like to start this off by saying i am primarily an anime artist and i am unable to draw full furries- my apologies for this! i'd feel best drawing kemonomimi, light anthro, or humans until i get more experience- as long as the chara looks more human than animal...
  10. KujoSutefanii

    (Commission) Selling: Anime/Manga art (Starting at $10)

    (PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ALL MY FURRY ART EXAMPLES ARE NOT UP TO DATE SO IT TODAY IT WOULD LOOK CLEANER LIKE MY CURRENT ART) **Yes I accept NSFW** Commission Pricing status: OPEN Prices are per character Sketch -Shoulders: $10 -Half-Body: $15 -Full-Body: $20 Lineart -Shoulders: $20...
  11. S

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: 15$ Adoptable selling [kemonomimi fox]

    Second one is open! ^^ Please check the link below for more info www.furaffinity.net: $15 Adoptable [OPEN] by Sasaria
  12. noirgladia

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Fantasy Kemonomimi Guy Auction OPEN (SB: $60 / AB: $120))

    www.furaffinity.net: False Sunflower * Summer on the Golden Field by noirgladia The clothing layered gif can be seen on my DeviantArt: www.deviantart.com: [ADOPT][OPEN AUCTION] False Sunflower ★ SB: $60 MI: $5 AB: $120 Please bid at this bidding chain for easier to manage: Comment on...
  13. RomieTears

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH Snack Icons

    Cute snack icons at 10 bucks a pop! All and any humanoid, furry, and anthro species are welcome! Feel free to comment here or DM me to reserve a slot. Icons will not be started until payment is received. These icons are 200x200 px, and have a delivery time of 1-5 days depending on how many...
  14. Tinycat000

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Humanoid adoptable ($15 or best offer)

    www.furaffinity.net: Humanoid adoptable (Open/$15) by Tinycat000 Please comment there or DM me on FA or Discord to buy them~
  15. myoumin

    UFS (Kemonomimi)

    Hi, I'm selling some kemonomimi oc's that I don't use. Mostly males because I like collecting females more. - Prices are in USD (only accepting PayPal) and negotiable. - Some could be bought via DA points, just ask. Do not message me here. If interested in buying, send me a note/message on FA...
  16. varjopihlaja

    Fantasy adopts 18€

    18€ each, payment via paypal invoice (message me here to reserve) Paypal fee is included in price • You get the fullsized drawing without watermarks and with this background • Gender is up to you and you can alter as you like • You can use the art but not claim it your own/sell it Same post...
  17. koha-chan


    Hello dears! My commission is always open! Headshot - 10$ Halfbody - 15$ Fullbody - 30$ moar works there: kohakuasato on DeviantArt kohakuasato.deviantart.com: Commission Info [OPEN] THANK UUUUU!!!!! *^*
  18. sicklyseraph

    Momi's Commissions ($5+)

    Contact: Deviantart Discord: momi#6757 Email: milkshroom@gmail.com ____________________________________________________ -Short TOS -I require payment up-front. -If you'd like to see more examples of my art, most of my stuff is on Deviantart (linked at the top)! -You can contact me on here...
  19. HelloBattsu

    Set priced designs OPEN

    Yo! I’m going to be selling some designs i have created and want to try to sell on here! I’m also re~selling some old adopts that are getting no attention and need a new better home! I hope your interested in anything here, also I’m new here, so be gentle with me. PayPal only. Minty by...
  20. Shiina-Yuki

    Hello! I'm new on Fur Affinity! I hope you like my designs!

    Hello all! I'm new to Fur Affinity and usually I'm on deviantart. Here is my DA: Shiina-Yuki on DeviantArt I'm a nerdy girl who creates kemonomimi adoptables for a living! My gallery on Fur Affinity: Artwork Gallery for ShiinaYuki -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I hope you like my designs! Thank you...