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  1. RomieTears

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH Snack Icons

    Cute snack icons at 10 bucks a pop! All and any humanoid, furry, and anthro species are welcome! Feel free to comment here or DM me to reserve a slot. Icons will not be started until payment is received. These icons are 200x200 px, and have a delivery time of 1-5 days depending on how many...
  2. Tinycat000

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Humanoid adoptable ($15 or best offer)

    www.furaffinity.net: Humanoid adoptable (Open/$15) by Tinycat000 Please comment there or DM me on FA or Discord to buy them~
  3. myoumin

    UFS (Kemonomimi)

    Hi, I'm selling some kemonomimi oc's that I don't use. Mostly males because I like collecting females more. - Prices are in USD (only accepting PayPal) and negotiable. - Some could be bought via DA points, just ask. Do not message me here. If interested in buying, send me a note/message on FA...
  4. varjopihlaja

    Fantasy adopts 18€

    18€ each, payment via paypal invoice (message me here to reserve) Paypal fee is included in price • You get the fullsized drawing without watermarks and with this background • Gender is up to you and you can alter as you like • You can use the art but not claim it your own/sell it Same post...
  5. koha-chan


    Hello dears! My commission is always open! Headshot - 10$ Halfbody - 15$ Fullbody - 30$ moar works there: kohakuasato on DeviantArt kohakuasato.deviantart.com: Commission Info [OPEN] THANK UUUUU!!!!! *^*
  6. sicklyseraph

    Momi's Commissions ($5+)

    Contact: Deviantart Discord: momi#6757 Email: milkshroom@gmail.com ____________________________________________________ -Short TOS -I require payment up-front. -If you'd like to see more examples of my art, most of my stuff is on Deviantart (linked at the top)! -You can contact me on here...
  7. HelloBattsu

    Set priced designs OPEN

    Yo! I’m going to be selling some designs i have created and want to try to sell on here! I’m also re~selling some old adopts that are getting no attention and need a new better home! I hope your interested in anything here, also I’m new here, so be gentle with me. PayPal only. Minty by...
  8. Shiina-Yuki

    Hello! I'm new on Fur Affinity! I hope you like my designs!

    Hello all! I'm new to Fur Affinity and usually I'm on deviantart. Here is my DA: Shiina-Yuki on DeviantArt I'm a nerdy girl who creates kemonomimi adoptables for a living! My gallery on Fur Affinity: Artwork Gallery for ShiinaYuki -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I hope you like my designs! Thank you...
  9. hanasukiyo

    Opening Commission!!

    Hello there! I would like to open some commissions to order a costume for my cosplan and to improve my art! For now I'm opening human/kemonomimi commissions I'm not really good in drawing furries but its available to commish too! If interested, email me at ruencommish@gmail.com or pm me via fb @...
  10. sketchrabbit

    (Commission) Selling: ✿ Rabbit's Art Burrow ✿ LIVE2D ANIMATIONS, SKETCHES, PAINTINGS & MORE! [$20-$200+]

    Hello and welcome to my commissions thread! I'm offering many options such as sketch paintings and detailed paintings with backgrounds, animations, customs, adopts etc. I also take realistic/semi-realistic pet portraits. Please message/comment/email me for any questions and quotes! My email is...
  11. Avelix

    Avelix's Commission Shop-OPEN!

    Hi! Thought I'd try selling commissions here. I'm new so hopefully I'm doing everything right! Please note I accept payments in USD. If interested please read my more in depth terms of service: sta.sh: Terms of Service-just the basic stuff is on the sheet! there is also an important notice at...
  12. reinore


    CLEARER EXAMPLES OF MY ART CAN BE SEEN here !!!! Please note my FA, TH, or dA for more information !!! ^pst those are links yes. Bust Sketch: $5 Bust Color: $7 Half-Body Flat Color: $10 Half-Body Fully Shaded: $15 Full-Body Flat Color: $20 Full Body Fully Shaded: $25 Please send a note if...
  13. ewemoji

    Moji SALE!

    I'm having a SALE! Single character, Full Color, Fully done background of your preference All this for $30! Good deal, ye? I will do SFW and NSFW • I take payment via Paypal and I accept USD and CAD I can do furry, human, or robot Traditional or Digital art work. You choose. If traditional, I...
  14. Whimsi

    Kemonomimi for Sale

    Cat darling I'm selling for 80usd, coming with 5 pieces, four of which are there! However, I am absolutely open to lower offers! Comment, note, or email me at whimsistar[at]gmail.com
  15. ZannyHyperness

    Zanny's Commissions: Illustrations, comics to anything else!

    YOU CAN ALSO SUPPORT ME BY DONATING TO MY KO-FI OR GOING TO MY PATREON AND BECOMING A PATRON TO GET DISCOUNTS! Due to circumstances, I now live with my friend and we’ll be moving again soon to a house with two bedrooms, but it has no furniture, and we still have to pay bills. So any help you...
  16. Lantern-K1ng

    Adopt Auction - SB $30 - Kemonomimi

    I'm selling my newest adopt over HERE for a starting bid of $30, with no current highest bidder. Please check them out!
  17. gaz-monster

    Digital YCH commissions OPEN :3

    YCH INFO: ☆☆☆ www.furaffinity.net: Digital YCH are OPEN! Reminder + example! by Gaz-Monster ☆☆☆ Can be human/anthro/furry/kemonomimi/whatever! DA/FA: gaz-monster tumblr: gabbu-art ALRIGHT! Digital commissions are open for the first time in 5ever! I added ears and tails in the...
  18. R

    KEMONO KIDS - $10 Adopts~

    Hello sweetpeas~ I've got six new cuties up for grabs. These are using a base created by the ever lovely Bitter Owl. Each adopt is $10 each. Your best bet would be to note me on the deviantArt listing for these babies, which you can find here <3 They are also listed for gold auction on...
  19. somesharpteeth

    Fos's YCHs ☆ (NSFW & SFW)

    I've taken an interest in trying YCH auctions and figured I would make a thread on the forums where I can advertise them. Currently I have one NSFW/MATURE YCH open: NSFW YCH: Special Seat This YCH is open to humanoid/kemonomimi style characters only. (Basically that means they need a generally...
  20. Sightless-Bird

    Reselling Humanoid & Animal Adopts

    I am reselling these adopts because they need better homes. Each of them comes with their own terms that I will explain if you show interest in one. Basically if you can sell or trade them, etc. Comment or message me. I am also making it clear that these are either original prices or prices that...