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  1. Keyoto-TheFox

    Icons, Refs, Design, etc - Cozycat Base Commissions

    Hello there! I bought the 2015 Cozycat bundle a while ago and have created a price sheet for what i will offer using them! I will create designs for these as well as color existing characters in. I can, in fact, make extra things to add on(hair, tails, wings, etc) so dont be afraid to have this...
  2. Keyoto-TheFox

    Commissions OPEN!

    I'm trying to earn money right now for some important things, so I have my points and PayPal commissions open. Prices: I will be charging $10 an hour. Depending on the size of the image, it will affect how much the title cost will come out to be. Also depending on the work I put in, I may lower...