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  1. T

    Hiring: The elder scrolls themed commission

    Hello yall. I was wondering is here any The elder scrolls game fans and would be interested drawing art piece of it. To be precise I was looking to get art piece from The elder scrolls online game with my khajiit character and companion her companion Ember. This would be sfw action piece. I'm...
  2. DeadSpaceBro

    Hiring: Hiring an Artist for NSFW / SWF (Elder Scrolls / Khajiit), Price Range $30 - $150+ (CLOSED)

    First off, if you're an artist coming into this thread- THANK YOU for stopping by to read this. I appreciate each and every one of you guys. <3 Second time making a thread like this, so if it's not exactly organized or perfect, I apologize in advance. If you have any questions for me, please...
  3. DeadSpaceBro

    Hiring: Need a talented artist to draw my Khajiit ($30-$140 USD) (Closed)

    EDIT: Artist has been chosen! First off, if you're an artist coming into this thread- THANK YOU for stopping by to read this. I appreciate each and every one of you guys. <3 This is the first thread i'm making on here, so apologies if I am doing anything wrong or how to request. With that...
  4. Jkitty


    (Fursona) My name's Dar'rassi. I'm a khajiit werewolf. I'm one of the 3 main presidents of the Fluffy MC. (Misty, Jeremy, and me) I roleplay, my experience is about the same as Misty's, which is "decent." I'm looking forward to my forum experience.
  5. F

    Khajiit breed opinion

    I plan on making a new male khajiit on ESO when internet is back up. I might use it as my main fursona as well... ESO has more khajiit customization than ESV Skyrim. Let's see which breed gets the most support. It will be probably a few months but I'll check back on this post. For vampire choose...
  6. F

    Khajiit love story: vote on the race of the male character (CLOSED)

    I'm planning on writing a khajiit love story soon on a Google doc. I know the female will be a khajiit. What race should the male be? I'll go through comments and choose in a few days. The vote is between Nord or Khajiit. (I would add argonian, but argonians lay eggs, while khajiits give birth...
  7. Pansymoron13

    Skyrim role play

    anyone interested in a role play based on skyrim I have a dark khajiit I've been wanting to role play with he has a father named Rome who's not a very nice guy to his son because his son does illegal stuff with his three guilds the dark brotherhood the thieves guild and he's associated with the...
  8. Centauri-Works

    Realistic Cougar / Khajiit Partial

    Hi ! I'd rather not but i'm selling this fantastic like new ( worn twice ) Cougar / Khajiit Partial made by Lion of the Sun . I'm in some need of money at the moment at the maker didn't exactly followed my sketches , so the fursuit doesn't really looks like what i had in mind . So i'd like to...