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  1. 00099988drak

    (Commission) Selling: YCH

    I have a few YCH where you OC can get kiss by my girls Here you can get kiss by Gwen Or get cheek kiss by Lisa and Jane Prices depen on what you like. For Gwen prices varies All detail here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/42598780/ Cheek kiss is only £5 I may take $
  2. 00099988drak

    Kiss Lisa For £5

    If you want you character to have a kiss from Lisa then if just £5 per character. Male or female. Ray and Jet are Showing off what kiss you can have. Just let me know which character and type of kiss you want. I'm not very good at humans so it's mostly furrys.
  3. Yakamaru

    Game: Would you hug/kiss the user above you?

    Yay, we have an official subforum now!
  4. Yakamaru

    Game: The Person Above You(Hug/Kiss version)

    The person above you gave you a hug and/or a kiss. You are to say why the person above you hugged and/or kissed you. Whether you want to write a whole novel, going full romantic, or write a couple words, is up to you. Let the game begin! ~Edit~ Found this type of thread on another forum. I...
  5. RoaringFlameCat

    Looking for NSFW of my Nekomimi sona

    I've been a little down and out, so I'm looking for something sexy and intimate to cheer me up. My budget is tight at the moment, so I'm looking for sketches or clean lines. Hopefully something that I can throw more money into to get colored down the line when my funds aren't super tight...
  6. Zipline

    Have you kissed/been kissed before?

    Have you had one yet, what was it like, where were you? If not, is there someone that you do like? My first was at a birthday party for a member of our group. We were at her house having fun dancing in the garage and playing with balloons. Eating sushi and playing video games. Her sister was...
  7. Gushousekai195

    Silver Fox Love Attack

    Just a video I myself have failed to refrain from watching over and over. The fox continuously licks her owner on the face, with frequent vocalizations. There is also a moment at the beginning where I swear I heard the fox say something similar to "mwah mwah mwah!"