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  1. 00099988drak

    (Commission) Selling: YCH

    I have a few YCH where you OC can get kiss by my girls Here you can get kiss by Gwen Or get cheek kiss by Lisa and Jane Prices depen on what you like. For Gwen prices varies All detail here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/42598780/ Cheek kiss is only £5 I may take $
  2. 00099988drak

    Kissing Trade

    Hi I seeing if anyone want to do some art trades that involve kissing? I mostly good with furrys but I can try other things. I'm ok with male/female female/female I don't do male/male
  3. 00099988drak

    Kiss Lisa For £5

    If you want you character to have a kiss from Lisa then if just £5 per character. Male or female. Ray and Jet are Showing off what kiss you can have. Just let me know which character and type of kiss you want. I'm not very good at humans so it's mostly furrys.
  4. bookfangeek

    Illustration YCH Auction

    So! In order to practice backgrounds, I've decided to do weekly illustration YCHs in order to make the process a little more fun! Here is this week's! - I will draw human AND anthro! - I will NOT draw any sort of nudity! If you character doesn't wear clothes, but you can't see any genitals, I...
  5. Hellsingkitten

    Looking for guro/gore artist

    (Open) Hello all. I am looking for an artist that is willing to draw a sensual gore piece. I want a piece of my character holding my partners characters severed (but still living) head by a bit of spine that is sticking out of their neck. With the two characters making out and blood dripping out...