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  1. X

    Post pictures of your pussy!

    This is Blue (his full name is Blueshift "What-Cat" Gunmetal-Grey.) His nickname is Bunny rabbit and he gives kisses.
  2. Cinderstar23

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $10 Feline Adopt Auction!

    CW// Implied Nipples ------------------------------- Forgive me, this is my first time posting on FA Forums. I'm auctioning off this kitty I'm pretty proud of making! The link to the auction is down below! She has no bids right now, and SB is $10! If she gets AB'd i can change anything on her...
  3. daebosch

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: CLOSED AUCTION: Feline girl SB $25 / AB $60

    Auction ends in 30/06/2020 SB - $25 MI: $5 AB: $60 Paypal only GENERAL INFORMATION - Credit me if posting the original work in public places. - Credit for design-work on a character is highly appreciated. - I retain the rights to post the art for personal purposes. (portfolio and art blogs...
  4. UwUCarlaUwU

    Any Cat Pals?

    Hello to all, show me your kitty fursonas! mine is Carla
  5. UwUCarlaUwU

    Anyone doing PG-13 RPs?

    Everyone is doing kinky stuff like why??? What about the BaBiEs?! Anyway im open to Friendly rps, im willing to ship my bb Carla ^^
  6. Sorang

    Tutorial: Video Tutorial: How to draw a cat

    didinossauro on Twitter asked me for a help on drawing a cat. So I made a video for Didinossauro who has been interacting with me quite frequently! I hope it will help him and also others those need help with drawing a cat. You will be able to learn why you should be aware of the structure of...
  7. Raptorart

    ADOPTS!-Dragongirls-and-Catgirls--100$--120$ full PAGE adopts

    All auctions are full character page auctions Autumn dragon--- www.furaffinity.net: Autumn Dragon ADOPT by RaptorArt Bling Kitty--- www.furaffinity.net: Bling kitty ADOPT by RaptorArt Green angel dragon--- www.furaffinity.net: Green angel dragon ADOPT by RaptorArt Demon purple kitty adopt---...
  8. Trevorbluesquirrel

    Pocari Roo Saves the Kitties Fundraiser!

    Pocari Roo has an Indiegogo charity campaign to support Flatbush Cats, an NYC cat rescue! ( Indiegogo link is below video on Youtube! ) You can get great rewards by donating, like T Shirts, posters, pins, and a custom plush of Pocari Roo! Also, more donations mean more bonus items...
  9. GloomyGumi

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: !ADOPTION OPEN!: $10+

    Hello! So im in need of funds so im selling 4 of my adopts that need a loving home! Rules of my Adopts can be found here: www.furaffinity.net: Gumi's Adopts/Commission Shop Rules! -- GloomyGumi's Journal My Babies: Willa: ADOPTED! Nakina & Marzii: $15+ KiiMii: $10+
  10. HazelCat


    should I redesign my fursona, Hazel? She's a cat. And I'm not sure if I should make her coloring more realistic, change her hair, her patterns, anything. She looks off to me, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Are the shapes too random? How do I know what shapes to associate with myself?!
  11. Deathless

    Fursuit heads under 400$?

    I know I'm usually the one linking cheap fursuit makers, but I'd like to expand my choices because I'm looking for makers who can make feline heads. I'm looking for cheap fursuit heads that look decent and can have super long hair. I plan on getting a fursuit of my kitty Exodus, and I haven't...
  12. LexaWalker

    (Commission) Selling: $10 CAD Headshot Commissions!

    Hello everybody! I am offering little headshot commissions! 10 slots available! ♥ ♥ $10 CAD - Paypal only! ♥
  13. FelineLikeTrash

    Ref sheet (CLOSED)

    Hello! I am looking for an artist to do a ref sheet for my fursona. I already have a ref sheet, but I feel as if its a little dated, so I want to get a new and improved one done. My budget is $140-$160, with a hard stop at $160. Here is my current ref sheet of my kitty: www.furaffinity.net: Rou...
  14. yellowrum

    Adoptable !

    o o o This babe is for adopt! She is custom, no base used. If bought, you will get her transparent and non-watermarked character art! Her SB is 10usd, and her AB is 40usd.
  15. Deathless

    [Request] A Full Body?

    Hello! I know these threads can get annoying to some, but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to draw a full-body image of my fursona, Exodus. He's a pastel orange cat who wears corpse paint on his face and is fairly skinny. His nose is painted black as well (I made it looks a little big...
  16. sketchrabbit

    Cute Angel + Demon Kitty Adoptables

    Hi!! I made some new adopts! A demon and an angel kitty. Please visit here on FA to see more info or bid! Thank you! www.furaffinity.net: ADOPT: Angel + Demon Kitties by sketchrabbit
  17. Arnie

    Cat In The Jar [Adoptables and YCH Sales]

    A bunch of cats in candy jars :D **** *How to buy: Ping me about the cat you are taking and we will talk about payment info via PM. *Payment: -All cats are 5$ usd. -Paypal only, via friends and family option or fee on the buyer. *You will receive the full size image, with transparent...
  18. nannerchu

    Magical Kitty 10$ Adopt

  19. Chandraken

    Coffee Date YCH and Striped kitty adopt available!

    Hey everyone! I am hosting a collaboration YCH with cinamoncune for your character in a fully shaded and detailed autumnal scene <3 You choose the character and the clothes, and we do the rest! The auction is due to end tomorrow, so check it out here if you would like to place a bid...
  20. V

    Heyo! :3

    So um hi! I'm new here and looking to make friends, I do not know where to start but I'm looking forward to being active here and eventually start doing comissions. I like cats, drawing, gaming, candies and I do have an interest in pastel colors and any fashion of the sort (Fairy kei, lolita...