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  1. bookfangeek

    Illustration YCH Auction

    So! In order to practice backgrounds, I've decided to do weekly illustration YCHs in order to make the process a little more fun! Here is this week's! - I will draw human AND anthro! - I will NOT draw any sort of nudity! If you character doesn't wear clothes, but you can't see any genitals, I...
  2. juiceboxbunny

    Couple YCH Romantic Auction

    This is a collab auction between myself and Z-graves on the main site. Zee provided a wonderful background and I will be coloring/drawing the characters. Starting Bid is $20 with a mid increment of $2 The auction will end: may 18th 6:30am mst Currently bid: $20 www.furaffinity.net: Collab YCH...