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  1. supermint

    (Commission) Selling: Full illustrations with painted natural backgrounds

    Hi, I'm doing shaded fullbody illustrations with painted natural landscape backgrounds! More examples here I'm taking one slot to be started tomorrow (8/23), or 8/24. $150 for single, +75% per extra character. Request form Reply to the thread for questions!
  2. OmgACorgi

    (Commission) Selling: OMGACorgi's Environmental art & Character art commissions

    Reviving the old times with forum usage. I'll try to make this a permanent thread. Hello. I'm OmgACorgi, a freelance illustrator from Venezuela. I work with fantasy themes like D&D and some sci-fi. I've been focusing as of late on paintery stylized environment art. ToS & Other pricing options...
  3. Gioko Kun

    Bambi girl

    ✨ Hey guys! I want to show you a commission that I finished recently, she's like human Bambi or centaur (?) >:0 ✨, do you like the result? ❤️✨
  4. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    Request: Looking for mapping artist

    Hello I am looking for a mapper artist who can redraw this map: World map Persepolis (fractured earth) by byzance123 on DeviantArt It takes craton and actual regions on earth. I do it for an important project and I am actually in need for resume my lore. I added few ocs in my game and I me...
  5. Aqua-Spirit22

    (Commission) Selling: Art potpourri - 7-70 USD/euro

    Coming back with a variety of styles to offer since I'm trying to save up for art school materials ! Art done is for personal use only. Do NOT remove any signature, edit the art (other than specifically resizing or flipping) and please credit back. I will do pretty much everything (SFW) except...
  6. F

    (Commission) Selling: Felgart Studio Commissions Open

    We are open for commissions, starting with painted portraits for only 20 USD. PM us for more Info, or e-mail us at felgartstudio@gmail.com Examples of our artworks:
  7. BabeRuhx


    Hello!As said in the name, I am selling furry anthro art commissions! Because of my lack of skill (Im still learning) I will only be selling Head Shots and paw art . I also will be doing Landscape/Back ground art. Head Shot: (Normal) 15$ USD (Dutch) Angel Dragon: 25$ Feet/Paw Ref: 5$...
  8. Pillowglitch

    Poster of Character + Background $20

    Animal, human, mecha, elemental, and anything challenging also welcomed. Free 3 characters + background + pose (of your choice or random surprise). [5 out of 5 slots remaining]