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  1. CreatureOfHabit

    Learning a New Language, Feeling Overwhelmed; Any Advice?

    So my dumb ass decided to learn a language without any curriculum or official resources. It's not a widely spoken language, not technically useful per se, but it's what my grandmother spoke, so I'm learning it anyway. I feel like I've made progress over the past couple months for sure, but I...
  2. Black_Tail

    Game:reply to the person above you in your/another language

    Just reply to who is above you in your native language... If you share the same language (since most of the people here are american) just use google translator and reply in a language of your choice. Let the gibberish BEGIN: EDIT: maybe its better to put the translation in brackets:D
  3. Blaab

    On the subject of anatomy as it relates to speech and language: Anatomically correct language.

    For some time I have had the idea of making a language for a fictional race of beings, however, I have wanted that language to not only be pleasing to the ears and be interesting, but also realistic as well. The major problem however with that is the fact that anatomy matters greatly...
  4. Arcturus Maple

    Furry Swears

    Around nine years ago, some guy with a camera made a Harry Potter fan video called Potter Puppet Pals: Wizard Swears. In this video, the characters of the Harry Potter universe explore the differences between the muggle and wizarding worlds through the use of inappropriate language. Ranging from...
  5. Prostapheresys

    Written dialogue: dash or quotation marks?

    It's a topic I have recently stumbled upon and that left me quite puzzled since another user pointed out why would I use hyphens (which where actually meant to be dashes but with the wrong key input, my bad XD) for written dialogue in my stories. So I did a quick re-read of various books from my...
  6. M

    what would a fox language be like

    what would a fox language be like, would it be like old norse or old chinese what would its writing system be like. what do you think