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last post

  1. ben909

    king of the thread attempt

    (note its not really a king, its more like the game king of the hill) so this was an idea i had about what could become a game, its kind of infulenced by me misreading Would you beat the Avatar above you in a fight? as (try to) beat the Avatar above you in a fight? and also by the "last...
  2. ChronoTheFurry

    Last one the post win's (revived?)

    This is a recreation of this thread: forums.furaffinity.net: Last post wins - A plot twist! There is no winner! It is a game where who ever posts last wins! I recreated it because it has begun to slow down and this is an attempt to revive it!
  3. Akartoshi

    Last post wins - Winner gets a free post!

    So, I saw this on another gaming forum and I thought it'd be fun to have it here. Self explanatory, the last poster wins! Currently, that winner is me, so bravo to myself!