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  1. Rap Daniel

    Copyright disclaimer

    I'm writing a dictionary of Harry Potter words, and attached is a snip of the copyright disclaimer. Did I do it right?
  2. FluffyShutterbug

    Main Site "Duty Of Care"

    Yup, it's your favorite chicken little of FA here. So, I've become as worried about CDA 230 as I was about Article 13 a year to 6 months ago. Especially because the shitbrained politicians in the US now seem to be hell-bent on destroying the law. As a matter of fact, there's going to be a bill...
  3. Kylan Velpa

    Unclear on art rules

    Just wanted to know: Is it legal/generally accepted to download others' artwork so one doesn't have to connect to the internet to view some of the favourite works? If so, is it legal/generally accepted to post that artwork privately to friends as long as you don't pass it off as your own? If...
  4. Iceeat

    Dumb Laws that are Hilarious

    If you take the time to reeeaaallly look on the internet you can find a plethora of really silly laws still in effect today that are hilarious. Post legit silly laws you've heard of for any country: For the US; Dumb Laws in Connecticut. Crazy Connecticut Laws. We have weird laws, strange laws...