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league of legends

  1. MochiiBerry

    Free Art: Let Me Draw You~

    Good morning buns~ My art has picked up a bit more, as in I'm at least sketching every other day or working on something. I'd like to push on and get out there? What I'm offering: Busts: This is up to my discretion if it'll stay as a sketch or if I'll pursue and full on color it. Things I...
  2. Bluefiremark II

    League of legends anniversary

    Hey! So, i thought it'd be a good idea to start talking with people about all the new things, changes, etc. There's a LOT of information released today, if you don't know- either go look things up or ask me! I want to see what other people's opinions are on these mew announcements!
  3. ash♤Feliz

    looking for friends to play league of legends with.

    looking for some friends to play league of legends with. i'm still new to the game just started too but doing my best to improve. i'm not looking to be a competitive player, just want to have fun with the game and the people.
  4. juiceboxbunny

    League of Legends

    Does anyone play? I am looking to add new friends as i am trying to get back into it. I main support and I dabble ADC and Mid lane mage. I fail hardcore on the jungle and I do my best to not feed if left alone in the top lane. My favorite characters to play are Support: Janna, Sona, Rakan...
  5. N

    Can't find post: League of Legends Vore Flash

    (Reposted from thread made in the wrong board) There was a vore flash animation I like that I can't find anymore. The flash used League of Legends characters, I personally did not enjoy that game so I'm going to check the website for each character I can recognize. I think the title was "Noob...
  6. DiamondVoid

    looking for people to play LoL

    hmu if you play league, I wanna start or join a team :)
  7. Generalguy64

    League of Legends club for furries

    There have to be other LoL players here, so figured this would be the best place to ask. League recently added a new 'club' feature, basically a group chat and tag beside your name. I was wondering if there were any pre-existing FA clubs, and if not, would anyone be opposed to the formation of...
  8. K

    Please critique

    My first time making a quadsuit. This is going to be Snowbunny Nidalee from League of Legends. I just need to know I'm on the right track. Thanks
  9. Orangecoon

    League of Legends thread?

    im not sure one exists but if it does, ohwell. If youre looking for someone to play with or just wanna talk about league problems. dont be afraid to leave a message here. if you want to play, add me on league @Freelance ADC, im silver 4 so im not a god. also dont be afraid of inviting me or...