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  1. Bluefiremark II

    League of legends furries: Arcane

    To all you other league furs, or even if you aren't but still watched it, what did you think of the first act of arcane! Warning: potential spoilers in the thread!
  2. Boured

    The League of Extraordinary Furries

    Before anything, yes the name is based off a movie This server offers one thing that most other servers do not offer to the extent we do, discipline. The owner and mods do not let emotions affect they're judgement nor will they're be any corruption in the higher roles. This gives new members...
  3. Macrofurry_Writer

    F1 2017 furry league

    So I know its ambitious but I am looking to get a furry league going on F1 2017. If you are a fast, clean racer then either let me know here, add me on PSN: Sobek_Godnile, or better yet, join the official Telegram room (if you are interested in that side then please PM me there...