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  1. mithandir91

    A Question about Adoptables and image Rights

    Adoptions are a process where you, technically, buy the rights of a character's desing, right? Is possible to create a character design in a Open license/creative common where people are free to use then? If so, Is there any project like that? I'll be aiming to create a project where...
  2. I

    How Can A NSFW Artist Protect Themselves?

    I'm really sorry if this is in the completely wrong forum' but I was wondering how an artist producing pornography or sexual material can protect themselves? Also if you do sell porn,'how do you make sure the client isn't a minor? Do you demand proof of age or identity? If so, what is accepted...
  3. D

    Changing my Legal Name to Fursona Name

    So I'm just going to explain it as simple as I can. I have very unsupportive parents. Essentially all the do is give me food, water, shelter, and be incredibly harsh on me. I am forced to be immaculate and treated like a delinquent. I am forced to be perfect and expected to do better. They don't...