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  1. sahar

    Lots of lemur ladies to adopt!

    A while back I ran a furry game with 75 lemur girls! It was a lot of fun, but I'm getting out of the furry game and everything must go! https://www.furaffinity.net/view/40644695/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/40644753/ I've got a couple sets ready on my page, and more to come!
  2. sahar

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Lemur Adoptables! ($15+)

    Ring-tailed lemur girls of all shapes, sizes, and colors! 72 to choose from! Interested in one? Mention her and I'll post her bigger! You get a mini-ref with thigh-up artwork, a nude version, and a small bio!
  3. sahar

    (Other) Selling: Dating text adventure with art prizes! $35

    (Note: This is an offer to register for an online text adventure game of an NSFW nature that offers NSFW artwork as a prize.) What connections will you make the first month of college? LEMUR LYFE BINGO: THE THOUSAND RINGS is a text adventure game where the object is to score with the most...
  4. The Cospunk Prince

    [1/4 OPEN] Sonic Style Adopts:. $5 Minimum, All Characters Must Go!

    Welcome! So your boy's trying something a bit new and selling adoptables! What started out as a quick redesign of one-shot OCs from 2008/2011 quickly turned into 'I absolutely adore these characters but can't give them the love they deserve', so I'm trying to give them a nice loving home. First...
  5. Keroki

    Lemur adoptables <3

    Cute Lemur adopts available ! Cross posted on Facebookgroups and Furaffinity. 15 each <3 Art by me
  6. craftyandy

    Vote This Monkey For President

  7. LemurKat

    Greetings from a lapsed Furry

    Hi, I'm Angela, aka LemurKat. I used to hang around the Furry fandom back in the days of Yerf and VCL, but sorta faded off into other hobbies (artist trading cards...). Still have a passion for animals and animal people though! And I'm still writing Anthro-fiction. If any of you remember me...