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leopard gecko

  1. Winterr88

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Cat-Gecko hybrids adopt! (U$20 PAYPAL ONLY) ✨

    Help me find them a good home! Click here to claim one!
  2. Winterr88

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Cat-Geckos auction!! ✨

    Hi! I'm selling this cat-gecko hybrids, please take a look!! ✨ SB: U$10 (each) AB: U$40 (each) To more information: Furaffinity post DeviantArt post
  3. X

    Smudge Gecko

    Name: Smudge Gender: female Species: Leopard gecko hybrid She was a highschool science experiment in cross-breeding different species of gecko. (Possibly with crested or Tokay geckos.) She escaped the lab but was captured by a twelve year old girl and now lives a cushy life as a pet in a little...
  4. X

    Weird bleppy lizard 'sona stuff.

    I rarely ever draw, but I made this little derpy thing. She's some kind of leopard gecko hybrid. I might develop her a bit, and maybe even give her a backstory. I call her Smudge. Yes, I know she looks like her neck is broken. :D
  5. Lexio

    Can someone please draw my scalesona?

    I made a new scalesona recently, but the only art I have of him is an edited template I used to create him... I'd love it if someone could draw him for me! (I just wish i had money to spend) :P Nebula is a purple pink and blue Leopard Gecko. Please use the colours in the pic below XD