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  1. sin_bio_wolf

    Request: Anyone willing to draw my two gay beans together as taurs?

    So I have this cute gay couple among my characters who both over time got taur versions and was wondering if anyone would be interested/willing in drawing them together in those forms <3 I'd share pics of them on here but ones to large to put in post and other has nipples showing so just links...
  2. River_Draconia

    Post your Pride Month Art Here!

    Hellow Furry Fellows! Want to spotlight your pridey artistic contraptions -->any year is ok! Bring them on :D Anything LGBTQ+ related welcome. Remember to stick to forum rules. Keep it safe :cool:. My contribution: (Furry) Love wins
  3. Hikarty

    Hiring: ($50+) NSFW sapphic art (humanoid)

    Looking for some NSFW (soft/mild most likely?) for my sapphics who are a demon and a fallen angel. -Budget is roughly around $50 but could be a little less or more -Must be comfortable drawing muscular (not bara, just mildly muscular) people and scars -Can be sketch, flat color, full piece...
  4. Weepingdeer

    Looking for discord RP partners (FxF) (sfw possibly nsfw)

    May be SFW or NSFW, just seeing how it goes for starters. I’m looking for a gf for my character celostine :) Looking for someone with around the same artistic skill level as I so we can trade ship art but I’m not too picky. https://toyhou.se/11314053.celostine
  5. D

    Gardevoir x Kirlia (18+)

    Hey guys and gals. I know this isn't super furry related, but I'm looking for someone to do something with a female Gardevoir and female Kirlia. I'm fine with either role. Give me a DM if your interested and we can go over some details.
  6. Phr0ggy_Phangs

    The Princess & The Demon Guard // // An Arranged Marriage

    The princess of a prosperous kingdom is to take on a personal guard after a failed assassination attempt shakes the kingdom. Even more, controversy occurs as a rookie knight-in-training rises to the challenge. The council surrounding the royal family is dubious of the pick, at best; the princess...
  7. Phr0ggy_Phangs

    Sapphic/WLW RP Ad

    Hi there! Looking to do an RP for Sapphic characters; cis, trans, or nonbinary are all valid to me, in an rp partner. I'm kinda open to ideas right now, as I am getting back into literate rps, after a year-or-so break from it. Some of my favorite, general ideas are: Some of my favorites are...
  8. D

    Eeveelution attraction (FxF attract RP) (NSFW)

    Hi guys and gals. I'm looking for a FxF RP between two feral (not anthro) eeveeolutions. For the story it can be anything (as long as it's not to dark) where the eeveeolution you control uses attract on the eeveeolution I control, causing her to fall madly in love with her. If you interested...
  9. AzureKiteUsagi

    Request: NSFW

    Is anyone interested in drawing some NSFW art for my bun, Azure? www.furaffinity.net: Bun With Floof by AzureKiteUsagi Looking for inspiration and would like to see other renditions of her. She is bisexual, but leans heavily towards women. She's a sub/bottom and likes to be tied up, if that's...
  10. D

    Looking for a cute eevee/eeveeolution for some cute stuff~ (Pokemon NSFW)

    Hey guys, i'm looking for eevee/eeveeolution to RP with. Female on female only please. Also no traps either. I am fine with most minor links, however, nothing more extreme like toilet related or gore related. For my kinks, I like gentle hypno/attract and mild bondage. Other then that i am...
  11. TaurenLove

    Bear Pride - newest work

    www.furaffinity.net: Bear Pride by Tauren_Love Had a lot of fun drawing this boy - he's going to end up in my apparel store on Esty (hopefully on Amazon Merch too if they accept the design - might be too borderline for Amazon - not sure). I'll update with links of people are keen when those...
  12. shadytay

    Bee Yourself Charms [Preorder]

    Hi there! I am a young queer person trying to get off the ground with their art and I made some cute bee charm designs. I am holding a preorder for the charms on my store for 5 of the designs. I need to sell 20 charms to cover the cost of the first order. So if you are interested and want to...
  13. Yakukid

    nsfw YCH AUCTION girlxgirl any species

    www.furaffinity.net: F**king with yo girl- YCH AUCTION -[OPEN] by Yakukid Details: -Full color and fluids added later -5$ extra if it's not mammal -Daytime and night time ver. included #1 SB: $40 Minimum increase: $5 AB:$200 #2 SB: $40 Minimum increase: $5 AB:$160...
  14. lochsnesmonster

    Tessie's Art Pile

    Just felt like posting my art of my oc's more places Tessie is on the left, Elise is on the right, they're girlfriends <3 Tessie is a soft butch nerd who likes video games and warm sweaters and is rather happy go lucky and somewhat clumsy. And Elise is a goth femme who enjoys fashion and...
  15. RoseyTheCuteDragon

    Looking for someone to play as my sona's les mate

    So I'm looking for someone to rp with only as my sona's lesbian mate. I designed her for aesthetic mostly but now that I've made her into a real character I genuinely want someone to rp as her. If you're interested here's a few conditions 18+ only, I'm 19 irl. Semi Lit rp, detail, no one word...
  16. RoseyTheCuteDragon

    Maybe looking for someone to rp as my sona's mate

    So I designed a lesbian mate for my sona but I'd love to be able to rp the two together. I've also semi designed the world they live in and have some ideas for some starters. If you're interested in the character below here's some prerequisites before you apply for the spot. You must be over...
  17. Akinyi

    Girl Love Furry Comic: Ample Time

    Hi everyone I'm writing/drawing a furry webcomic which is now over 50 pages in and still going once per week. It's updated every Saturday at 3pm UK time. It centres around a socially awkward fennec fox girl who's studying psychology and loves gaming. She meets a beautiful and curvy civet who...
  18. Xander Martin

    Parappa & Ma-San: Lammy's and Katy's Inside Stories (Parappa The Rapper Vore Fanfic)

    www.furaffinity.net: Parappa & Ma-San: Lammy's and Katy's Inside Stories (Fanfic) by xandermartin98 It's the first Parappa The Rapper fanfic to have Lammy and Katy literally fuck each other's brains out, slather them in bodily fluids and eat them; need I really say more? (also, you get to watch...
  19. Akinyi

    New Girl Romance Furry Comic

    I'm releasing a new comic called 'Ample Time' about two girls in a college setting. It's available for free on my patreon and Tapastic! Follow me on patreon to see it as it comes out. Ample Time Front | e Pon on Patreon Ample Time | Tapas
  20. Miudream

    YCH SFW and NSFW

    I have two YCH open. One animal type SFW. Another NSFW, more human shaped but any character can be put in. Small ABs. Trying to raise money, so go check them out. Animal YCH SFW: Put Me Down! NSFW: Touchy Feely