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  1. crshrck78

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) NSFW/SFW Couples draw commissions on $30

    >Any Species (Human, Furry, semi-humans, etc) >Detailed background have's an extra price >I love draw tentacles, do not hesitate to ask me for tentacle commissions >I don't have taboos, just don't ask me for gore or mecha > Payment: Only Paypal I receive the payment once the detailed sketch is...
  2. Xyulihanx

    Finished a drawing of my OC! (NSFW)

    I had fun creating my most recent piece and I am really happy how it turned out tbh! Hope you all like it!:D https://www.furaffinity.net/view/46278241/
  3. heroicsquidget

    (Commission) Selling everything from colored sketches, fullbodies to ref sheets! $21 onwards! SFW & NSFW, will draw anything

    As by stated in the title, will literally draw anything. Nothing is off the tables as long as the money is good enough. Why, you ask? …I need money ;_; Doing colored sketches for now because I also have a full time job and part time school. However, if your commission piques my interest I...
  4. XionMonro

    (NSFW) mlp lewd romance?

    Hello! I'm hoping to find some one interested in starting something long term. I'm hoping to find a very lewd romance rp between either my mare, and either Celestia or Octavia as they are two of my favorite ponies, or your oc mare. Detail and post length are a must. I like huge posts, and will...
  5. XionMonro

    Mlp incest rp with highly detailed posts (NSFW)

    Looking for an ponysona mare to do an ongoing rp with. My idea for the rp is your mare (mother, daughter or sister) wants to love my mare more than as just family and try’s to work her up and get her to come around to giving the idea a try. If it’s mother daughter, I figure the daughter could...
  6. DariusTheLoony

    Lewd and Loony

    Greetings and salutations ladies and germs, I hope all of you are having a good day as much as a good evening or night. Let me cut to the chase, I am looking for any female role players that are wanting a lewd role-play and that is also funny. Truly it's hard to find individuals that want to...
  7. D

    Looking for a cute eevee/eeveeolution for some cute stuff~ (Pokemon NSFW)

    Hey guys, i'm looking for eevee/eeveeolution to RP with. Female on female only please. Also no traps either. I am fine with most minor links, however, nothing more extreme like toilet related or gore related. For my kinks, I like gentle hypno/attract and mild bondage. Other then that i am...
  8. XionMonro

    Dick girl insect seeks anthro stallion

    Looking for an ongoing, well written rp with good post length and LOTS of lewd scenes!!! About me: I enjoy a lot of detail in my posts, my average post length, given my partner can match it, usually tops out at 4 paragraphs with a lot of detail thrown in. I’m usually online as my work lets me...
  9. WolfHiro

    Dragon Comic $100-$150

    9totea has been commissioned for this project, thank you for your interest ^.^ Hello! I am looking for someone who may be interested in doing a semi-lewd comical reference Comic for me. I think it will be somewhere around 4 panels all on one page. My character "Ryu" is a complex design, ref...
  10. XionMonro

    Long term, story based lewd romance with paw fetish!

    So I’d love to get something going with my venkat fursona, I’ll post a picture of him. He’s fairly easy going and not the most smooth guy around but he’s cute and he’s funny. Looking to get something going with a a dragon, shark, raptor, stuff like that... scalies. Prefer a female, m2f trans...
  11. XionMonro

    Seeking a princess celestia/daybraker rp!

    seeking an ongoing lewd romance with a princess celestia, or daybraker rper, possibly nightmare moon or Luna. I have a blue unicorn if I’d love to use for this, and am very capable of doing well over a paragraph of text, up to around 5 or 6 paragraphs per post. Anyone interested?
  12. Szynia Traniru

    Szyn’ Pub ‘n’ Inn (18+)

    Welcome to Szyn’ Pub ‘n’ Inn! Where the drinks are unlimited until midnight central standard time and the food is made to order. Come on down and be served until you’re ready to pass out and then do so in one of our upstairs rooms! There are a few rules however: -Absolutely! No! Drama! -No...
  13. Mr. Shigglesworth

    Free Art: [OPEN] Requests Wanted: Toony Lewds

    So, I’ve got nothing to do for the next few hours, and want to draw but not put too much thought into it. In times like this, I like drawing lewd stuff in a sort of toony style I like to experiment with. It’s fun. Here’s an example, obvs NSFW: sta.sh: 75e67629-099f-4e0f-9307-8feabfbfcbbc I...
  14. Keramai

    Doing free short smut-shots for people!

    Hello Everyone! If you didn't know a smut-shot is a one shot that is smut. wow amazing. So anyways, I'm trying to fill out my samples for commissions. These short stories will be around 1000 words and can contain up to four main characters. They can be your fursona's or a friends if you can...
  15. KittenButt

    Request for 2 =^.^=

    Hello! I am looking to see what things can be found under the magic world of art.. id like to get two pieces done... I am looking to have a chibi version, and A normal version of my Sona of my Snow leopard drawn.. I am not sure exactly yet how i would like it done.. With so many art ideals an...
  16. ditta_ragdoll

    art give away thread|BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY| Part 3 RETURN OF THE BOOTY

    Booty thread is ressurected! Same rules apply! If you've gotten a freebie bef0re, someone else get's priority, and don't be shitty in the thread! Please thanks!
  17. M

    Weird/Lewd RP

    I am kinda wondering if any member here is interested in a lewd anthro rp. The must have an f-list.com character and have discord. My f-list character: F-list - Warning