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lgbt community

  1. mithandir91

    Free Art: 'Furcharity' My Pro-LGBTQ+ Project

    Hello folks Since i'm new, i'll be doing Free art here as a form of improving my skills and getting my name a little more renowm. But since i wanna do something more engaged and relavant i've thinking on doing a special project here: I'll do Optical Colloring fursonas for free for LGBTQ+ people...
  2. D

    My General Take on Pride Month

    This post is meant to share my personal opinion, it is not at all meant to judge or bash others who disagree. As a bisexual, I am told that I ought to be celebrating this month with all colors of pride. However, I do not like the idea of pride - be it a tool of brandish toward the homophobe, or...
  3. D

    Furry Fandom, Christianity, and Sexuality

    Hear me out now before continue reading! I do NOT write this out of spite or hatred or out of a prideful heart. I write this genuinely out of personal convictions which are central to my faith. To those who disagree, please give me the same respect and civility I am here about to give you - and...