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lgbt furries

  1. snailienz

    Virtual Pet Planet- A Multimedia Comic about Virtual pets (LGBT)

    SO this is kind of my passion project, I guess. I've been working on the story, designs, style and stuff for almost...ten years now? I meant to post this up when I started posting, but at the time I remembered these existed, the forums were down and I thought they weren't coming back since the...
  2. skeiths

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Pride Cowboy YCH ( 4/5 slots - $20 each )

    pride cowboy YCH! $20 flat price any species and gender OC pick any flag(s) for the scarf and boots! bg and hat color can be changed at request, otherwise I choose! :~) Paypal only, comment or DM to claim a slot! Finished example:
  3. Ziggy Schlacht

    A weird trend I've noticed

    I saw a post some time ago that indicated that the majority of furries are straight. I don't remember the exact break down, and it certainly didn't mirror general society, but it also didn't match what I'd expect. Because while the majority may be straight, the majority of the art I see is...
  4. ColorInPlatinum

    (Commission) Selling: Need help!! Let me draw for you! [$5-$90+] Art, animation, cosplay, and more!

    hey, i'm atlas. i made a post on here maybe over a year ago (before i came out btw, so excuse the fact that im a dude now) asking for help via commissions getting out of a really bad situation. i got a surprising amount of negative feedback on it?? but i'm gonna try again because i really do...
  5. Amber_Sakura_Wolf

    LGBT+ Fursonas

    Hey guys, Are there fursona a that identify with the LGBT+ community? I’m just wondering because I have at least one that is, and I’m unsure what to do because I’m worried about someone being offended or that I’d be treated like a pariah. I want advice because I’m new to the whole LGBT+...