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  1. Punk_M0nitor

    A Question For Trans Furries

    To trans furries like myself: is your fursona cis or trans? I'm genuinely curious because I've seen a lot of takes on it. Feel free to explain why if you're comfortable My fursona is cis (while I'm FtM trans), but has reptilian-accurate anatomy, so it's different than a cis male mammal might...
  2. Inafox

    Hewwo :3

    I didn't make a post yet and this forum seems pretty chill. Anyway henlo, I'm Inafox. I'm a rampant art-appreciator and sometimes I make art myself as a hobbyist (mostly feral and semianthro) though I am a newbie and don't do art very often. I am a trans person (mtf) with autism and some...
  3. wonke0

    (Base/YCH) Selling: PRIDE YCH AND RAFFLE

    New pride ych available! PROUD IN SPACE 10 SLOTS OPEN FOR NOW PRICE: 35$ JOIN THE TWT RAFFLE FOR A CHANGE OF GETTING A EXCLUSIVE FREE SLOT! There are 2 body sizes options You can choose up to 3 flags Payment via Paypal Pm me if interested!
  4. wonke0

    (Base/YCH) Selling: LGBTQ+ ID CARD YCH

    Once again I'm here to offer my PRICE ID CARD YCH, updated with my art style! Each one is 30usd Payment is via paypal only You can choose your oc, name, species, pronouns and flags! Feel free to pm me if interested! My other threads: General commissions Tamagotchi YCH My FA Gallery Email...
  5. princeling

    Hiring: Humanoid Artist

    Hello! I'm looking for an artist that can draw humanoids rather than just furries, and is comfortable with LGBT and pregnancy themes. Without giving too much away, I'm searching for a knee up coloured sketch piece that costs no more than $30 and features two characters. Higher prices are welcome...
  6. princeling

    [18+] Looking for Character Connections

    Hello. I'm looking for character connections for any of the ones here. I'm especially looking for Daniel, Fionnán, Suibhne and Peregrin, and I'm tentative with Colm, Dustie and Treasach. M/M only, must be comfortable with trans male characters, and be down for headcanoning. Please contact me...
  7. PaleoClipper

    SELLING: $5 Pride Flag themed adopts

    My first two Pride Month Adopts. - crossposted $5 each - paypal Fullsize is 3300x1892 and 92dpi Lines by Abietes on DA Color/Design by Me/PaleoClipper "They called me a fairy, so I became one. A beautiful one at that." . Pink Body- Gilbert. The first LGBT flag, and it was only those letters at...
  8. Tendo64

    obligatory pride month thread (for 2021)

    I don't see a pride month thread anywhere yet (for this year anyway, I won't revive an old one because necro-ing bad) so I figured I'd make one. Happy pride month! As I'm sure you all know, we furries are pretty gay B) Is there anything LGBT or pride-related you want to share? Maybe tell us...
  9. IncenseAndIron

    bisexual-furs - My new FurAffinity Group!

    Hello, friends! I'm a bit new in comparison to others to FurAffinity (I have had multiple accounts in the span of... probably 3 years? But my activity on here has been on-and-off), so this might be an odd post for me to make. But, after seeing groups around on FA, I decided I wanted to make my...
  10. G

    To those who have been through it:

    I am a survivor of religious trauma, guilt, abuse, just finally ready to address the gaslighting and awful guilt I have for being "eccentric", bisexual, and just generally a black sheep. I have ignored my issues for too long and am starting to break down. What kind of therapy works for this type...
  11. Suri

    Your best neighbor

    ok no... [Español abajo] Hello soy Suri y soy bilingüe, at least a little.Enter the forum to entertain and make friends, I'm still new to furaffinity, I'm so new that I don't even know how to pronounce that word lol. I'm from Argentina, in the south of the world or at least around here i'ts...
  12. Angel_patoo

    tell me about your sona..

    Hello here! How are you? Today, i'm a little curious, and i want to tell more about my fursona hihi <3 First, this is Angel (art by xKurimi ) : She is my little princess hihi! before to be a girl, she wase a boy QvQ, she love chocolate, and candy! She is a singer, and a musician (angel play...
  13. Trash-Cat

    NSFW Pokémon RP (18+)

    Stuck at home and bored! So why the hell not? Writing preference is 3rd person, past tense, paragraph style. Your grammar and spelling doesn’t have to be perfect! Pokémon/Pokémon or Pokémon/Trainer (oc or canon) This is all very loose; just wanna have some silly fun. Lgbtq+ themes/pairings...
  14. Jamiragon

    Critique: Request feedback for a Fantasy/Yaoi story

    Hi. I've been an FA member for quite some time and working on a graphic novel. I've also started writing prose (not for the first time, so I do have some experience with writing) featuring new characters. The characters are furry... more or less. They're all human/animal hybrids, like...
  15. Lunneus

    About coming out/transitioning

    This is pretty long, just sayin lol, there's a tldr at the bottom. So, i've been on the fence about my gender for like.. 11 years. I've never felt quite right being female but i've never really done much about it outside of online presence. and maybe that's why i've let it go on irl for so...
  16. MercuryCafe

    Returning to the Furry Community

    Hey, I'm Mercury, a bi guy in my early/mid 20s that's returning to the furry community I used to be super active as a minor but college got kinda busy so here we are :p I like bugs, ocean creatures, anime (demon slayer is currently what i've been on), and d&d. I used to rp a bunch but it's...
  17. Ziggy Schlacht

    Species and Orientation

    Is there an unwritten rule that certain species tend to be gay? Like a male fox or bunny fursona. Or am I just totally full of it?
  18. mithandir91

    Free Art: 'Furcharity' My Pro-LGBTQ+ Project

    Hello folks Since i'm new, i'll be doing Free art here as a form of improving my skills and getting my name a little more renowm. But since i wanna do something more engaged and relavant i've thinking on doing a special project here: I'll do Optical Colloring fursonas for free for LGBTQ+ people...
  19. Kopatropa

    Help me understand They/Them

    If you identify as They/Them, I'd like to know why. The whole concept of non-binary and such is still a bit blurry to me and people were getting angry on Pronouns Day on the 16th because of the anti-LGBT and their "There are only two genders" claim, assumptions, etc. So how does this sort of...
  20. Orana

    Dominant Panther Girl Seeking Casual Plaything (Discord/IMVU)

    I'm a dominant female panther girl, though I roleplay as human sometimes too. My kinks are listed below: ([g] for what I would be giving and [r] for what I would be receiving) Into: Accents [r] Affectionate domination [g] Appearing in your dreams [g] Attention [r] Biting [g] Blindfolds [g]...