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  1. S

    Any Gay/Bi guys out there?

    Im a 19 year old Bisexual guy in the boring straight midwest looking for Gay/Bi buddies, I am pretty isolated from any other guys my age and i dont know any Gay/Bi boys. I had several Girlfriends in highschool but i never dated a guy and im super excited to get out there. Im not new to FA but i...
  2. Retto Elbaroda

    Anyone in mood to remake a Slovak punk-rock song?

    This is likely a wrong place to ask, but considering our community is usually LGBT friendly, I thought I could try to post it here too... So basically, there is this Slovak punkish song called "L & G Song" by the Horkýže Slíže band. The L & G stands for Lesbian and Gay, and for some reason I...
  3. Le Chat Nécro

    Pride Month Masterthread

    HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!!!!!! Kind of surprised a thread like this didn't pop up sooner, so I decided to say "fuck it" and make my own! June is officially here and officially the month for all things LGBTQIA+ (or MOGAI, or QUILTBAG, or whatever you prefer to call it!) No matter where you are on...
  4. Bluefiremark II

    The recent issues in LGBT thread

    Would just like to say that if anything i said DID offend you I'm sorry, nothing was meant in a demeaning way or anything. Not a single word was meant as negative to lgbt. You're all great people, no different from anyone else. It is just the act i dislike, and like other things, we can have our...
  5. Spicy Cheeto

    I don’t know if this question is offensive or not

    I really don’t want to sound offensive when I ask this, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to ask this community specifically. I’m going to be brave and ask it anyway and hope I don’t piss anybody off unintentionally. I really don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings. I’ve heard that a lot of...
  6. dremermika

    Discord I'm Inviting People to Join

    Hey there all, hope I'm doing this right as far as I can tell this seems to be the right place to post. I'm Mika ( Userpage of DreamerMika -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ) and I wanted to find more people for my Discord, generally a varied use discord with what I hope are a lot of emotes that people...
  7. R176

    Furry Minecraft Server! play.fauxpaws.com (1.13.1)

    Hey! R176 here, and we've been working really hard on a brand new furry-based minecraft server over the last few weeks, and we're looking to expand our friendly little community! Allow me to introduce Faux Paws! Currently we are running on Minecraft version 1.13.1 with plans to update to...
  8. Amber_Sakura_Wolf

    LGBT+ Fursonas

    Hey guys, Are there fursona a that identify with the LGBT+ community? I’m just wondering because I have at least one that is, and I’m unsure what to do because I’m worried about someone being offended or that I’d be treated like a pariah. I want advice because I’m new to the whole LGBT+...
  9. A

    Art - Trade /Personalized Adopt

    Hello ! I want to do 2 gift for a friend, 1 sfw, with the 2 caracters, the first on on the center, hugging shells, and behind him the second caracters, with angels wings, a things like that. The second one is an nfsw / artistic nude with the two caracters hugging nakes on a bed ! I exchange, i...
  10. shadytay

    Bee Yourself Charms [Preorder]

    Hi there! I am a young queer person trying to get off the ground with their art and I made some cute bee charm designs. I am holding a preorder for the charms on my store for 5 of the designs. I need to sell 20 charms to cover the cost of the first order. So if you are interested and want to...
  11. DexterDraws

    Stickers (+free icons) (lgbt)

    Alright so yesterday I got bored and made a few pride paws! These are free to use as Icons or you can put em on your ref or whatever, just don't resell them :3 There are more right here Artwork Gallery for dexter.draws -- Fur Affinity [dot] net If you don't see your flag, let me know and...
  12. bookfangeek

    [OPEN] Pride Month YCHs!

    I'd been meaning to make these for SO long! I'm glad I finally found some time to get the sketches done! All species are welcome! Though if you have a feral OC and would like a humanoid YCH, I will have to turn them anthro. And here's a chibi example because I realized there's no chibi on my...
  13. FinnthePup

    $7 PRIDE YCH {unlimited} & commissions!

    Closed because Pride Month is over :)
  14. catcooties

    LGBT+ Pride YCH OPEN

    GO HERE TO BID: www.furaffinity.net: OPEN- PRIDE YCH by catcooties RULES AND INFO -do not bid if you can't afford to. SERIOUS BIDS ONLY -you must pay immediately after the auction ends via paypal USD -any species/genders/builds -any pride flags (including ace/aro flags) -no characters...
  15. Mullerornis

    Got a novel published

    Amazon.com: Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more dp/B079SSP8X2
  16. D

    Furry Fandom, Christianity, and Sexuality

    Hear me out now before continue reading! I do NOT write this out of spite or hatred or out of a prideful heart. I write this genuinely out of personal convictions which are central to my faith. To those who disagree, please give me the same respect and civility I am here about to give you - and...
  17. ThatSnarkyDragon

    Lookin for some new webcomics/serials

    Hey guys! I want to follow more webcomics (or other web serials) but I'm unsure where to start. I don't really care for smut/sexual content or horror, and I do really like found family, character-driven stories, and LGBT themes. Beyond that, just send me cool/fun/interesting/aesthetically...
  18. W

    LGBT groups

    This is gonna be a serious thread(not used to saying that). Ok so I need opinions on this. My school has a club called the "equality alliance", its kinda a safe haven for LGBT and furries and even just supporters can join. I think it's awesome, but I just wanna hear your opinions. Also, does...
  19. Inkblooded

    Sexual harassment (semi-NSFW topic)

    I am aware that this is sensitive and heavy topic. I will not go into any explicit detail but there may be NSFW references and terms. If this topic is not okay to post please let me know. Has anyone else here had any experience with sexual harassment in the furry/anthro community? I know that...
  20. Inferno

    Belleville Furries - First Meet'n'Greet

    Hey guys! I recently started up a Belleville Furries Community, hoping to reach out to those in the Belleville + Surrounding Areas! On Saturday, June 10th @ 12pm EST - Belleville Furries will be meeting up throughout the day! I am a Volunteer/Volunteer Photographer for Belleville Pride...