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  1. CocaColaAndCheetoes

    Did Up My OC In More Modern-Wear For Ace Week!

  2. Inafox

    Hewwo :3

    I didn't make a post yet and this forum seems pretty chill. Anyway henlo, I'm Inafox. I'm a rampant art-appreciator and sometimes I make art myself as a hobbyist (mostly feral and semianthro) though I am a newbie and don't do art very often. I am a trans person (mtf) with autism and some...
  3. sin_bio_wolf

    Gamers & Furs 18+ Community discord server

    hey all, I'm FierySin aka Sin_bio_wolf and I run a community based server over on discord with a group I've come to consider family. We've been running the server for near on four years and it's a small friendly community of just shy 400, more always very welcome to join our family <3 We have...
  4. endernewt

    [. . . a message from the clergy ] /j

    hey everyone! i'm endernewt (he/it), and i'm a 19-year-old art student with a lil' gremlin mind that loves to collect things *cough* chicken smoothie some of my hobbies include studio art, songwriting, witchcraft, and being out in nature. my current interests include beastars, bnha, doctor...
  5. PaleoClipper

    SELLING: $5 Pride Flag themed adopts

    My first two Pride Month Adopts. - crossposted $5 each - paypal Fullsize is 3300x1892 and 92dpi Lines by Abietes on DA Color/Design by Me/PaleoClipper "They called me a fairy, so I became one. A beautiful one at that." . Pink Body- Gilbert. The first LGBT flag, and it was only those letters at...