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  1. ChiiShii97

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) Cute style commissions, varied species and examples! NSFW available

    I currently have commissions open, can provide more examples of backgrounds or anything really on request! NSFW examples also available! Feel free to PM me or comment if you're interested, but you'll get the best response through discord! @hannahbeeart #0189
  2. Inafox

    Hewwo :3

    I didn't make a post yet and this forum seems pretty chill. Anyway henlo, I'm Inafox. I'm a rampant art-appreciator and sometimes I make art myself as a hobbyist (mostly feral and semianthro) though I am a newbie and don't do art very often. I am a trans person (mtf) with autism and some...
  3. Tendo64

    obligatory pride month thread (for 2021)

    I don't see a pride month thread anywhere yet (for this year anyway, I won't revive an old one because necro-ing bad) so I figured I'd make one. Happy pride month! As I'm sure you all know, we furries are pretty gay B) Is there anything LGBT or pride-related you want to share? Maybe tell us...
  4. Orana

    Discord RP - kinky 18+ and LGBTQ+

    Looking for more RPers who'd want to join my kinky Discord. We host many different kinks, and also an exclusive furry fandom channel all to yourselves! Now that kik is shutting down in the coming months, I'm opening up again to welcome new RPers and yiff lovers to join Wholesome Kinksters and...
  5. R

    Any Non-Binary/Genderless furs? and if so What kinds of Clothing can you wear to express yourself?

    hello! i was wondering if there was any other furs out there who identify as non-binary/Genderless? I am! And if so i'd like to ask, What kinds of clothing styles, or clothing do you wear to express your identity? I'm having a hard time finding things to wear to look how i identify as. Have an...
  6. N

    (Base/YCH) Selling: 'Bottle o' Pride' Pride YCH! $20-$25

    So it's pride, I opened these YCHs because I thought "hey, why not have something fantasy-themed and cute this month?" So I thought of a potion! These begin at $25 and go up to $25 based on the complexity of the character! These are open to all genders and all species. I'm open to haggling...
  7. Jaime Brown

    (Commission) Selling: Pride Chibi Commissions (ONLY $7)

    All month I'm doing a chibi special! Your character in Pride attire! Flat rate of $7. Extra Character is double. Message me if you're interested.
  8. fluffgator

    (Base/YCH) Selling: LGBTQ+ Flower Power! $50 flat-price; colored/shaded bust

    #PrideMonth is here, so I sketched out some cute YCH busts to sell to start off the celebrations of self! Flowers will be redrawn with more precise detail and colored to match your LGBTQ+ flag of your specification. Limited slots available; I'll probably close this YCH later in the month or...
  9. nihilBliss

    (Commission) Selling: Writing commissions, 3 slots open ($10 minimum, price negotiable) SFW/NSFW

    Howdy! I'm a writer. I'm trying to save up to relocate myself and my partner, as my country's political climate is turning increasingly hostile towards members of the LGBTQ+ community. We're both bisexual and masc-presenting. The powers that be haven't set their sights on us yet, but we'd be...
  10. nihilBliss

    Greetings from nihilBliss!

    Hello and greetings! I've been adjacent to the furry fandom since my teens, and I've counted furries as close friends since college. The furry community has done so many cool things and made the world a stranger and more excellent place. It feels like my life's been on a trajectory toward...
  11. N

    Urgent: Friend at Risk of Getting Kicked Out.

    I’m really unsure where to put this and forgive me for such an urgent post but, my friend has been struggling as of late due to being kicked out of their old home in NY. Bare with me for the long story. I offered to let them stay with my relatives in Baltimore, MD for a while but that is...
  12. tfotr

    High quality Kemono commissions open!

    Wanted to try my hand at commissions here! Monochrome Sketch Bust: $ 20 Waistup: $30 Fullbody: $60 Celllshade Bust: $30 Chibi: $30 Waistup: $50 Fullbody: $80 Softshade Bust: $50 Waistup: $70 Fullbody: $100 Reference Sheet Flats: $50-$100 Shaded: +$20...
  13. D

    Furry Fandom, Christianity, and Sexuality

    Hear me out now before continue reading! I do NOT write this out of spite or hatred or out of a prideful heart. I write this genuinely out of personal convictions which are central to my faith. To those who disagree, please give me the same respect and civility I am here about to give you - and...
  14. Dinocanid

    $10 Pride Month YCH Sale

    Info: All slots will close on July 1st Both the ribbon and the background will be the flag color, but they don't have to be the same. To buy, just shoot me a PM here or on FA The YCH is also available on Weasyl and Deviantart if you prefer there Please allow at least 2 days for me to complete...
  15. Inferno

    Belleville Furries - First Meet'n'Greet

    Hey guys! I recently started up a Belleville Furries Community, hoping to reach out to those in the Belleville + Surrounding Areas! On Saturday, June 10th @ 12pm EST - Belleville Furries will be meeting up throughout the day! I am a Volunteer/Volunteer Photographer for Belleville Pride...
  16. Inferno

    Belleville Pride 2017 (ONTARIO, CANADA)

    Pride is coming to Belleville, Ontario! When: Saturday, June 10th @ 12pm EST [Parade begins at 11am EST] Where: West Zwick's Island Park 10 Bay Bridge Road Belleville, Ontario k8P 4T9 Canada **FREE ADMISSION - ALL AGES** **FURSUITERS WELCOME - WE'VE HAD SOME IN THE PAST** Come on out for a...