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  1. Inafox

    Hewwo :3

    I didn't make a post yet and this forum seems pretty chill. Anyway henlo, I'm Inafox. I'm a rampant art-appreciator and sometimes I make art myself as a hobbyist (mostly feral and semianthro) though I am a newbie and don't do art very often. I am a trans person (mtf) with autism and some...
  2. fluidiity

    Paws, Claws, & Scales Community | Furry & furry supporters, friendly, & open!

    ✨ Hey there, Seren here! I am the owner of the Paws, Claws, & Scales Community Discord server, officially re-opened today! ✨ If you're interested in creating a fun space to share art, videos, cosplay/fursuits, memes, or maybe you enjoy gaming, streams, or just want to chill and make friends...
  3. Tendo64

    obligatory pride month thread (for 2021)

    I don't see a pride month thread anywhere yet (for this year anyway, I won't revive an old one because necro-ing bad) so I figured I'd make one. Happy pride month! As I'm sure you all know, we furries are pretty gay B) Is there anything LGBT or pride-related you want to share? Maybe tell us...
  4. skeiths

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Pride Cowboy YCH ( 4/5 slots - $20 each )

    pride cowboy YCH! $20 flat price any species and gender OC pick any flag(s) for the scarf and boots! bg and hat color can be changed at request, otherwise I choose! :~) Paypal only, comment or DM to claim a slot! Finished example: