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  1. TyraWadman

    Insulation Tips and Tricks

    I just got the bill for power the other day and I was alarmed to see almost $400. It did include the time I had my family over, but they were only there for one week. The washer, dryer and dishwasher was being used daily, and for whatever reason they cranked all the heat dials up, so it's...
  2. PsychedelicRobinHood

    Hey I am a fox and I really love motorcycles

    I like to say I am a pretty much a psychedelic fox I will be getting artwork done of him soon and I really enjoy motorcycles i love to ride them I love the sound of the engine going rawr I hope to meet some really nice people up here I have to say though a thing about me is that when I ride a...
  3. LizardKing05

    How do you keep it together?

    How do you stay calm when you're stressed out? I usually zone out and stare at trees outside my window. Yet I'm curious to know what others do to deal with life (especially during these troubling times). Btw this is not my window, just an image from google.
  4. S

    What Are You Currently Doing In Your Boring Life?

    So, what are you doing right now? For me, not much. Just here on the FA Forums writing Posts and Replying to stuff. I'm also eating a Sandwich because.....Why not? :3
  5. Bluefiremark II

    Post something about furry related from real life!

    I'll go first with this interesting thing i saw today! A robotic furry tail! https://gizmodo.com/a-wearable-robotic-tail-turns-anyone-into-a-furry-with-1836974428
  6. Whimsycal

    When was the last time someone told you a story?

    When was the last time someone told you a story? Or you said one to someone? When was that time? Did you had fun or would you say you would have preferred something else?
  7. 1

    Are you currently content with your life?

  8. Yakamaru

    The amount of things that can happen/change in two years..

    2 years is a long time, and a lot can happen in that time. If you had told me 2 years ago what I have done in two years, where am currently in two years time and what my horizon will be/look like, I would most likely consider you crazy, and would want you to give Alex Jones his 250lbs tinfoil...
  9. L

    Life Questions for the Older Furs

    I'm in a bit of a rut worrying about my future and all since it's about to be my last year in high school...but I'm overall just curious about everyone here and hope this isn't breaching too much into people's privacy. What were some of your aspirations or things you wanted to be in the past...
  10. N

    Take a Breath

    This is a rant thread. Feel free to talk about whatever problems come to come to your mind. For me, it's mostly physical/mental health related. I suffer from back pain and migraines virtually every day, and it's come to the point where I feel like it's worsening my depression. I've seen...
  11. Whimsycal

    Quotes that you like

    Hello everyone! Do you have a quote you like? That you always keep close to you or works as a guide? One my favorite quotes is this one: The noblest art is that of making others happy.- P.T. Barnum
  12. I

    Red Wolves might disappear forever.

    One of the wolf species currently facing the greatest difficulty recovering seems to be the Red Wolf. This is mostly due to human hunting and environmental conditions. It seems there is not much being done to help these animals, and the ones who are trying to make a difference such as...
  13. Yakamaru

    Positive aspects/sources in life

    I've been dabbling different thread ideas for a while, and came up empty. Until now. What are the positive sides in your life? What drives you to wake up in the morning? Where do you find the energy, strength and/or motivation from to go be able to waddle through the day? What in your life do...
  14. AustinB

    Why can’t everyone just get along?

    This is probably going to be a bit of a rant. But I just don’t know why the hell nobody can get along anymore? All over the internet and in real life I see people arguing, fighting, sending each other death threats and even killing other people simply because they can’t get along. Why? I’m not...
  15. AustinB

    On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your current situation?

    I’d honestly say a 7. I got a roof over my head, electricity, internet, food, internet, access to clean water, a (sort of) decent social life, internet, and internet. Oh, and I also have internet.
  16. Aaron U Pictus

    Successes of an online, long distance, long term relationship.

    I think there are a few other furs who stand with me in saying this. I feel like many good and wonderful relationships get a bad rap beacuse the couple found each other online either on a forum in a fandom or whilst gaming online. And yet I find in many cases (this coming from experience)...
  17. Reserved_Krolik

    So, how're things?

    I'm currently waiting to see if my job is going to okay my medical leave, and nearly everything is making me fatigued and frustrated. When I'm like this I like to hear that other people are having an okay time, at least. But if it's rough, thats okay too. Vent!
  18. Yakamaru

    The small tidbits in life

    Peace. Prosperity. Longevity/long life. Good health. Good economy. And many more things similar to these are what the vast majority of us I can with some sincerity and certainty say want in the long run. And in 100-200 years, wars, diseases such as cancer, AIDS/HIV, Hepatitis A and other...
  19. Okamio

    What makes you push forward?

    We have problems... We have life to deal with... so some of us come here to rant and be ourselves (or not) to let loose some of the atrocities of the world... Since I've joined this community I've been feeling joy myself because... A) I've met others that have been through the rough times just...
  20. D

    Christ in the Fandom?

    I am new to the furry fandom, and as my fursona (pfp) and bio suggests - I am a very devout in it. I am hoping to find others who are, like me, in the fandom and are also devout believers and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. I come not to judge other furries or to say I am better than anybody...