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  1. Water Draco

    Just To Adorable

    OK this is a light hearted bring a smile to your face thread to post anything you like, that you have come across that is just far too adorable, cute, kawaii, sickly sweet.....
  2. KushFox


    Alright, fursuit makers. I'm new at asking for help about fursuit parts and commissions, so I need help. I am looking to have high-quality fox ears made that are preferably invisible banded or clip-on; and light up. I would like a specific design that I can map out for you were you to be...
  3. G

    First Anthro Fursona! (kitty)

    Her name is Peach! :) I want to know what you guys think, if it's an acceptable one, things I could've done better, etc
  4. Dragonley

    Different layouts in beta

    I noticed a while back that there's different layouts for beta, which are: Dark Light Dustbunny Puff Retro Terminal Dark, Light, and Retro are the only ones that work. The others are just a white screen that obviously are in the middle of being built. I'm really curious to see what the other...
  5. Diterkha

    Gem Dragon Auction!

    Hello! I'm new on this forum, and I would like to start with showing you my Gem Dragon Design for sale :) Link to the auction and information: www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN] Pearl - Auction by Diterkha Starting Bid: 15 USD Minimum increase: 3 USD Autobuy: 80 USD Auction ends 48 hours after...