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limited slots

  1. AzureKiteUsagi

    Free Art: Feral Requests

    Please note: If I have already drawn art of your character, please let others have a chance to be picked. I will occasionally do requests again in the future. My commissions will open soon. Please follow me on FA if you want updates. ^_^ Thank you! This time I'd like to draw feral characters: -...
  2. wumblebum

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH - Valentine's Day! (£30 / $39, limited slots)

    I'm opening a special YCH for Valentine's day! All species / genders are accepted, for a fixed price of £30, which is somewhere around $39.20. (subject to exchange rates, of course) I'm limiting this one to only 10 slots, and it closes on February 14th! You can DM me, or comment here to claim...
  3. Jakarva

    Hyena YCH 5 slots open

    $20 flat price, 5 open slots YCH right now. Flat color or Shading let me know. Paypal USD only, no refunds. You can post it on media, but credit/Tag me, I can provide my username for various sites upon request I will send the paypal request pay before you receive the file. Must provide a...
  4. werewolf-kun

    Quick, High-Quality Sketchpage Commissions!

    Hey all! I’m offering a couple sketchpage commissions for a discounted price because I really want to work on some! My sketchpages feature AT LEAST three fullbody views and three headshot views, fully colored, in a more sketchy line style! That’s a LOT of views of your character, for only $20...
  5. bloodlive


    Due to several unexpected money sinks I am offering fully colored and shaded waist-up/half-body commission for a flat rate of only 20 USD instead of the usual 35-40! More details for the interested here Limited to 10 slots for now! If you're interested, please send me a note at FA or telegram...