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limited time

  1. wumblebum

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) cheap sketch commissions open! (limited time only)

    Today I actually cleared the commission workload for the first time in over a year, so to celebrate I'm opening limited time sketch commissions again! As usual the pricing will be cheaper than my usual commission prices. I can draw both anthros and humans of course! HEADSHOT base price: £10...
  2. wumblebum

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH - Valentine's Day! (£30 / $39, limited slots)

    I'm opening a special YCH for Valentine's day! All species / genders are accepted, for a fixed price of £30, which is somewhere around $39.20. (subject to exchange rates, of course) I'm limiting this one to only 10 slots, and it closes on February 14th! You can DM me, or comment here to claim...
  3. DaemonSheep

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Flash sale! Frenky base customs! [$15+]

    Hello everyone! In an effort to get comfortable with some brushes I've been toying around with, I've decided to open up some customs done on Frenky's lovely base for a day or two! They'll be $15 per, through paypal. Since I'll mostly be doing these to mess around with brushes, I'd prefer it if...
  4. Vin4ART

    ACT NOW! Holiday Sale!

    This Holiday Sale won't last long. Don't wait to get your very own pin up of your own for the season for a bargain price.
  5. Vin4ART

    LIMITED HOLIDAY OFFER! (20%-40% off)

    This remarkable sale is still going on and will do so up until December 31, 2017 (11:59 EST).
  6. werewolf-kun


    I'm doing a quick sale ! 15% OFF ALL OF MY COMMISSION OPTIONS. That's right, anything at all. Sketches, reference sheets, comic pages, you name it. Here are my PRICES and my EXAMPLES, and just ask for whatever you want and take 15% off the total ! SALE ENDS JULY 3RD ! Please NOTE me or...
  7. Tenseki

    want characters for practice drawings [closed]

    i need more practice at drawing anthro characters, so if you would be happy to let me use your character for practice post a (sfw) ref sheet (female/feminine charas are preferred) examples of my art - Artwork Gallery for TensaiAkage -- Fur Affinity [dot] net - twitter.com: Finished Drawings -...
  8. werewolf-kun

    DISCOUNTED Valentine's Couple Commissions

    Discounted Valentine's Couple Commissions ! LIMITED TIME ONLY ! For $30, you can get a two character fullbody image with clean lines, full color, and shading ! This is a great deal, so get it while you can ! You can also decide to get two single-character commissions instead of doing a...
  9. Schneeauge

    Sketch Commissions - Limited time only

    Hi guys Well, I'm feeling a bit sketchy lately (haha, yes I know... I'm a blast at parties... *cough*) and I'm having this horribel thing called "lack of ideas what to draw, but need to practice", so... 20€ / about 22,50$ per char no additional fee for wings, clothes, markings etc. payment via...