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  1. bloodlive


    SO HEY I'm living in Japan now, but I got shaky income at best and it never hurts to make some more cash money on the side SO I am opening up All my sweet sweet commissions. Limited slots on EVERYTHING to start with, but if there's interest and if I don't drown in my studies, I'll open up more...
  2. SaruCharmed

    Limited: $5 avatars! Taking 5

    I'll draw you one non-animated avatar consisting of a headshot of your character + background for $5! Taking five slots!
  3. Sladin5Ever

    Colored Sketch Commissions (2 slots)

    My friend and I would like to take on TWO colored sketches since they're quick and easy. Please view this stash link for an info card (it will say DM me for Twitter, but just Note me on FA (Hitaka5Ever) or DA instead if you don't have a Twitter) and examples; thanks: sta.sh/2d2hgdc6o8i PS...
  4. jinja

    Custom T-Shirt Commissions! (5 slots)

    Hey guys! So a while back someone had asked me if I was able to do a custom t-shirt commission since I sell tees on my online shop. I did one for them and they loved the turn out so Im deciding to do a few more if anyones interested! Style one: $45 (+$8 for international comms) This style is...