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  1. Jaqualope

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Emergency Comms: NSFW/SFW

    !Hello Hello! Jaq here looking to take on a few commissions. I am trying to add artwork to my profile on FA, and would love to find some lovely faces in the community. I apologize for not having more art for reference currently, I will be uploading more work in the coming days as well as any...
  2. 2DFIEND


    >> FREE DOWNLOADS AVAILABLE ON PAYHIP << if payhip doesn't work, let me know in the thread and I can give you a google drive link!! :O
  3. Charsh

    Line art!

    Hi guys I hope you are in good health <3 I tell you, I am with open commissions and focusing mainly on the line. If you are interested in a commission of this type, you can write to my email. As it is just linear work, it will take a maximum of 3 days after client approval c: I leave the...

    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) Colourful realistic portraits, headshots /// starting $30

    Why hello there, good sir! I'm GROZENTHAL I'm looking for potential commissioners to do a pretty headshot for. I can and will draw virtually anything, that includes: Currently I am doing headshots ($30-$60) and halfbodies ($50-$80), where the price is dependant on the complexity of...
  5. leleliciouus

    (Commission) Selling: Open commission! SFW and NSWF 5$-15$

    Rules: are $ 5 per character. you can use them as you like, you can have someone else color it if you want c: If you want me to color it, check the prices in my journal first. Any character is allowed, be it OC, Fanart, Creature, Furry, Animal.
  6. Keroki

    (Base/YCH) Selling: B-B-B-Bases | 15$

    Selling these three recent Bases now! They come as .PSD, with a lineart, a color and an outline layer. Watermark may be removed (just credit back? <3) May be used for profit/adopts Contact me on Furaffinity or buy them directly at my Gumroad Shop: | Base 1 | Base 2 | Base 3
  7. somniari

    (Commission) Selling: Ham's Custom Commissions! [base prices: $7 - $30 ]

    twitter: @postponedmovies fur affinity: skyphile discord: somniari#9496 ko-fi: storysanctum patreon: StorySanctum this is where i draw any character(s) you’d like, of any genders and species, including humans, in poses, outfits, interactions and backgrounds you pick! all i need is visual...
  8. Phisan

    (Commission) Selling: $15-$50+ Custom Commissions!

    Sketches: Chibi: 15.76 Bust: 16.79 Thigh high: 17.82 Full body: 20.91 Lineart: Chibi: 16.79 Bust: 17.82 Thigh high: 18.85 Full body: 24.00 Flat Colors: Chibi: 18.85 Bust: 19.88 Thigh high: 26.06 Full body: 36.35 Shaded: Chibi...
  9. Sladin5Ever

    (Commission) Selling: Inker Looking for Work (Minimum price: $10)

    Hello, my name is Rocky Fuller and I am looking to do some inks of your sketches or crude drawings You can find my lineart examples here: Artwork Gallery for Hitaka5Ever -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Prices are as follows: Head and Bust Shots and Character Badges: $10 per head and bust Full Body...
  10. whitedragonarts

    (Commission) Selling: (OPEN)Various commission options available, Starting at $5-$100

    Hello and thank you for checking out my commissions! You may call me Kat To add to the list, I will also do Chibi style for $25 -more for realistic shading, less for speed paint: As well as references, prices vary depending on how detailed. Simple ones start at $40-$50 Examples: To see...
  11. StudioDogfish

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions NSFW/SFW $15-$55 Please help!

    Hello everyone! I am working on doing Commissions right now because im having some difficulty paying bills due to the holidays so please check my work out! Here are my commission details! www.furaffinity.net: Commission Info! by StudioDogfish
  12. DeviousRaptor

    (Commission) Selling: Custom Commissions from $5-$25!

    Commissions are Open!! Hello everyone! I'm opening commissions to help pay for my bills! A few notes to start: I'm open to SFW and NSFW, but I reserve the right to refuse extreme kinks and pedophilia I can do anthro, feral, human, and mech! I can do any number of characters, but it's normally...
  13. AnkhaBadonka

    (Commission) Selling: Commissioner needing work! Emergency fund ($10-$25)

    Need all the commission work I can get! Absolutely need to do some major repairs on my car, this has been very hard on me when I need to places to go and work (outside of FA). I'm willing to work with you and your satisfaction is my top priority! this is super important and slots are unlimited...
  14. ErraticJolteon

    Free Art: Taking Requests For Commission Examples [OPEN]

    I need to create a variety of different examples for my commission profile. I will be doing one for each different kind of commission, and will list what I need below. Getting a request here comes with the knowledge and agreement that the art I make for you will be used on a commission page...
  15. frank-rubens

    (Commission) Selling: (SFW & NSFW) BBW/Fat Fetish Commissions ($15-50)

    Hey everyone, I've got some new commissions open. As always these will be similar to my lineart commissions from the past - but will now also be in full color. Below are the prices: Lineart with minimal shading - $15 solo character 2 or more characters - $25+ (base price) Examples...
  16. frank-rubens

    (Commission) Selling: BBW/Weight Gain/Fat Commissions (Lineart/Greyscale)

    Solo character commissions: $15 www.furaffinity.net: /trash/ - Harvest Goddess Vore by literaltrash www.furaffinity.net: Commission - Marie Vore by literaltrash www.furaffinity.net: Nicole Watterson by literaltrash Duo/trio character commissions: $25-40 www.furaffinity.net: Fat Domination by...
  17. K

    Hiring: Custom Ibex fursona headshot

    Greetings, I'm new to the furry scene, although I've been standing at the edge for quite a while now, like a fascinated onlooker who hasn't quite gathered up the courage necessary to enter this realm. I'd like to request an artwork that depicts my fursona (an alpine Ibex guy). Only linework...
  18. julievee

    Hiring: Triffidian Custom Base [Closed]

    I'm searching for an artist that has good communication skills and can handle alot of back and forth during the working process to help in the development of my closed species. They have a basic concept but I need some bases that can be used for selling adoptables on. Looking for smooth clean...
  19. Dakota Jane

    SFW Character Art! Headshots to Fullbodies, Light Backgrounds too!

    Hello Everyone! My name is Dakota, I'm in a tight spot money wise right now and I'm looking to sell commissions! My specialty is character art, please feel free to look at some examples, I can do a variety of species, including humans too! Prices start at 5 dollars for a head shot, 10 for...
  20. dunspork

    Bunch of WIPS!

    Here are a bunch of traditional WIPs that I've been doing today, they're all linearts that I plan to color with copics tomorrow!! There were more but it won't upload so here's this for now!! :P