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  1. sassywelshgiraffe

    $5-20 USD Digital Commissions~

    Examples and prices can be found on this sheet: (sorry the black text turned out so small! If you need any clarification just ask me) Anyway, you can send any questions or requests to me via PM on here or on FA, or through my art blog: www.tumblr.com/blog/sassywelshgiraffe-art
  2. C

    Commissions Open!

    Im open for commissions now. If you're interested to commission me, feel free to leave to fill out the form below. Slots are limited to 2 slots. goo.gl: CrazyDaisy/Cameron Hops Commission Form
  3. Lousie

    Canine/Feline Headshot Commissions OPEN (7-25 €)

    Hello! I'm currently open for commissions of this type: (digital) lineart canine/feline headshot/head&bust (uncolored) -price: 7-10 € -Price depends on complexity of character and owner's requirements- negotiable :) -choice of expression available -choice of lines' color available - Example...
  4. Eivuiee

    Need anthro practice! (CLOSED!)

    I'm offering to draw some free art on all levels, depending on how much I end up liking what I produce. It can end up being anything from bust sketches to fully shaded full-bodies. Obviously in return, you can't really ask me to do anything specific. Just show me the OC you'd like drawn, and...
  5. Sladin5Ever

    Wolf Bustshot YCH

    I made a practice sketch the other night that I think I did a good job on, so I made it into a YCH. For full information, please visit this link, which includes the pricing (starting price @ $25): www.furaffinity.net: Wolf YCH by Sladin5Ever PLEASE REPLY TO AN OPEN SLOT ON THE SUBMISSION IF YOU...
  6. samuraiswordz

    [Semi Urgent] Chibi Lineart Commissions

    [Semi-Urgent] Chibi Lineart Commissions -- samuraiswordz's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net [Semi-Urgent] Chibi Lineart Commissions -- samuraiswordz's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net [Semi-Urgent] Chibi Lineart Commissions -- samuraiswordz's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net [Semi-Urgent]...
  7. Fennec_Wolfox

    $25 Line art Commissions!

    Hi there! Wox here~ I wanna make a bit of extra cash and get some practice and you, presumably, want to get some cool art. Let's make a deal~ These are single character pieces, no backgrounds (or simple/abstract backgrounds). More complicated characters may warrent additional cost. I will do...
  8. crookedteeth

    Doing cheap sketch and line work commissions $10-20

    Hey all, I've decided to open up for some commissions. I can do $10 sketches like so: as well as line work for $20: Prices are per character. I can do sfw and nsfw (within reason. You can ask what you want and I'll let you know if I'm okay with drawing it) I'm opening up for about 5...
  9. Redliger

    Freelance Artist Ready For Work!! (SFW)

    Hello, I'm Redliger , I'm a freelance artist looking for work. My style focuses more on cartoons and comics. My skills include character concepts and creations, comics, and storyboarding among other things. I have a little experience doing small animations as well. Here are a few examples of...
  10. Ludovique

    Ludovique's Commissions - [OPEN]

    See more of my art here: Userpage of ludovique -- Fur Affinity [dot] net THINGS I WILL NOT DRAW: - Bodily waste - Anything above a pg-13 rating (tasteful nudity is ok though!) COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN If you are interested in commissioning me, please send an email to lexicorncreations[at]gmail.com.
  11. CannibalisticRose

    $5 For Everything

    Sketches/LineArt are done in about 1-3 days, depending on work. Colored takes 3 days to a week or two, depending on work. I have the right to reject work. Please keep in mind I mainly draw animals/furries. Payment is to be recieved before I start. PayPal only. If interested please Note...
  12. HoneyBonnieBunny

    Cheap Sketch and Lineart Commissions!

    My tablet is done for, so i'm trying to raise the money to buy a new one. Until then I can't do any digital or full color work, but I can still do traditional sketches and linework! Ponies (Ocs and Canon Characters) Sketch $5 Lineart $7 Furries/Ocs/Dragons etc Sketch $15 Lineart $20...
  13. BumDox

    Refining and coloring your sketches or concepts

    For example: Price depends on how much it should be edited and how complex the base sketch or shading. Fullbody clear lines + soft shadig from example will cost min 50$ at minimum. Just flat shading with simple gradients will start at 10$ Also, if I like your line very-very much, I will...
  14. Shadify

    Adult (NSFW) YCH Auction! [PAUSE 'TILL THE FIRST SB!]

    SB: 25$ for every slot. AB: 60$ for every slot. Minimum Increment: 5$. YCH slots info: #1: canid species. (ears are fixable :]), female. #2: ANY species, female. To see an YCH picture and make a bid, please click this link below: NSFW Auction link End date: Sunday, March 20th at 0:00 MSK.
  15. kitsune-kazeno

    Need To Practice

    I'll be doing some freebies so I can practice. Post your character here and I'll consider it! I don't have many furry examples yet but you can see some of my work on my Tumblr.