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  1. Aqua-Spirit22

    (Commission) Selling: Art potpourri - 7-70 USD/euro

    Coming back with a variety of styles to offer since I'm trying to save up for art school materials ! Art done is for personal use only. Do NOT remove any signature, edit the art (other than specifically resizing or flipping) and please credit back. I will do pretty much everything (SFW) except...
  2. polared

    Critique: input?

    okay, so i really want to open commissions on the forum, but i'm not too certain whether or not people would be interested in my art or not u.u i'd appreciate some input. i unfortunately only have three examples because i recently moved computers and couldn't transfer the files from my old one...

    (Commission) Selling: GROZENTAL's artshop [$20-$120]

    Good day good sir! My name is Grozental, I have done art for little less than a decade now, and have quite a portfolio and experience. I try to keep my prices moderate and, when comissioned, deliver the required quality. If you want to comission me, send me a private message or simply leave...
  4. silicahowl

    SELLING CUSTOM HEADSHOTS (5/5 available)

    OFFERING CUSTOM HEADSHOTS sfw only most comfortable with canines/felines (or similar) hybrids/complex characters welcome! lined: $20 painted: $50 white background is default for a painted headshot while i get used to csp. transparent bg is available for +$5 ! taking 5 slots to begin...