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  1. kaviki

    Free Art: Free lines for St Valentine's day!

    Hi ^^ Here is my small gift- free lines for the 14th :) It's only male + female but if someone needs male+male please tell me :) Please make sure to credit me, Kaviki, when using the lines. You can modify it as you wish, add anything you want and use it for commercial purposes (but not...
  2. crookedteeth

    Opening Up For Cheap Commissions! (starting at $5)

    Hey all, I've been on hiatus for a little bit due to IRL work life, but I find myself with free time, and could use a little extra cash after holiday shopping, lol. So I'm offering some super cheap commissions. Here's the price list: Rough Sketches: $5 Line Art: $10 Gray Shading: $15...
  3. Taxidermatitis

    Taxidermatitis Commissions - Humans, Historical and More!

    it's finally time to get a nice, succinct commission sheet up. i also accept trades of equal value, just note me! please note me any clarifying questions. contact at: furaffinity deviantart hugglemuffinza@gmail.com R U L E S! i will not deliver a finished piece until payment is received...
  4. luichemax

    Hello !! I am luichemax....and i and work especially with furries.

    It is a great pleasure to be here among you . Lovers furries ! And I come here , ( already wondering if it's how you do it ) show my drawings ... to inspire, entice or ... maybe even help if you need . Thank you for your attention !! Here I have some gear ... and I would ask the honest opinion...