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lion king

  1. X

    The Lion Guard

    I'm 32 years old and I watch this kiddy shit show but I have to admit that I enjoy it a bit. I love the new characters even though it effects the continuity of TLK canon (as if anyone should care.) I like the sympathetic, "good" hyena characters; in a way it is a childhood dream of mine...
  2. Yumacub

    Bored; Here's my Recent Artworks!

  3. Snurmit

    Looking for NSFW 1x1 Partners

    Howdy I'm brand spankin' new to the FA Forums but I've been roleplaying on forums for fifteen years. I'm an adult non-binary individual looking for other adults to do some NSFW rp. I'm really chill, so if you have a question about kinks or anything else, feel free to ask. I'm looking for (but...
  4. Karibu

    (Commission) Selling: Lion/Feline Commissions (OPEN)

    General Info I can draw only big felines (NO human/furries/wolves/cats/...) I can draw gore but not too detailed I do not accept sexual content yet (I do YCHs for that type of content) The commission may take from a couple of days to 1-2 months I'll start working only after I have received the...
  5. S

    New Lion King film

    Fuck Detective Pikachu, Lion King is the live action I actually want. According to some rando in the comments, who was quoting someone else, you can watch this side-by-side with the original animated film and they will be synced up perfectly. Don't fuck this up for me, Disney.
  6. jwatkinsart

    African Wildlife RP Server (TLK Welcome)

    Warlords is an African Wildlife RP Server on Discord, and we're currently recruiting new members! Looking for a casual RP community? Like The Lion King? Like African wildlife? We're here for you. So, what do we offer? Other than a friendly community, we also have fun features to help push...
  7. Vampyre-Skunk

    Cheap YCH and custom adopts from a newbie

    Hello I am new here but would like to try to branch out! I will do YCH and custom adopts for this places min of $5 These are to be done on bases I bought and have the right to make money from and when uploaded the base artist will be tagged. I specialize in TLK recolors on bases from my friend...