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  1. Suri

    Which version is better? owo [edit lol] XD

    Welcome <3 owo❗ Today I bring you a small update of my fursona, initially it was going to look like this www.furaffinity.net: Suri by suri6 But ... I wanted to draw it again and I couldn't do it the same. You see I have a hard time drawing furrys, I have always drawn people and now that I...
  2. D

    My terrible art

    Years ago I posted a furry oc named lily and since the comments were about how horrible it was, I deleted it. , luckily there was the site drawspace that had objective criticism... which helped me grow. But since I reckon it's hard to get criticism from here that isnt "This is cool" "This...
  3. Yumacub

    Bored; Here's my Recent Artworks!

  4. samudre

    Halloween Lion Adopts - OPEN!

    === RULES: + Each adopt is $5. For an extra $3 I'll put together a simple reference sheet for you ^^ + Gender, name and personality are for you to determine (there are maned lionesses and maneless males :p) + These will only be open until 11:59 PM on October 31st (EST,) so get them now before...
  5. IzzyPop

    Looking for art of some lion brother characters!

    These two boys of mine are my favorites and while I have an okay amount of art for both individually, I don't have any of them together. I'm poor as hell right now, so I can't pay, but if someone is interested, I'll probably draw you something back in return!! So essentially they're brothers...